Monday, May 14

Doing Things Differently

I still love the signage here in Japan. I have been here for a couple of years, and I still want to whip out my phone to grab pictures. This one was taken from a train platform around my way. Speaking of does this one grab you?

Came across this while I was out on the morning run. I'm still undecided if it is a case of Japlish: "white" instead of "wild". Or there is the competing theory that it is just a joke. Whatever it was a nice excuse to stop running and take a short break to snap a pic. As interesting as it may or may not be, it's nowhere near the most common sign that is to be seen. These are:

This 7-11 opened up nearby a couple weeks ago. This combini makes it 3 I pass on my four minute walk home from the station. Regardless...I was happy the 7-11 opened cause they are my favorite. They truly re-define convenience. I don't think I can tell you all the different things that you can do and buy in a combini: buy prepared foods, send packages or golf bags or skis, pay bills or CODs, buy beer, buy magazines or comic books, buy concert tickets, use the ATM, buy stamps, use the restroom, and on and on. 7-11 is actually starting their own e-money scheme. They are truly taking over the world. Click HERE for a great article. Just another example of how things are done differently in the land of the rising sun. Want one more?

First off, I'm not sure I saw too many chrome trucks when I was in the US. That's cool. If you look close must be able to see me in the reflection somewhere. But all of that is beside my main point. The larger question is this: why is this truck popping a wheelie?

To unload it's steamroller of course. In Japan...the truck lifts you! Why make a complicated lift system for the trailer when you can just slam a couple of jacks onto the front end. I was happy to catch one of them in action, cause without pics, it would be a bitch to explain. And a lot less shiny!

No interesting segue comes to mind so let's go straight into some sneaker math.


Take an Air Max 90. A shoe I am clearly a big fan of. Add it to this.


Adding the Air MAx 90 to the quarter of the Nike Humara Air. A shoe I had a long time ago, and miss dearly. I like this colorway a lot and if it crossed my path for a decent price...I would have to snap it up. For this math problem, pay special attention to the stripe-like green and grey things.


Put those together with the sole from Nike's Talaria Boot. It being an interesting shoe in it's own right. A shoe that gets almost no love on all the sneaker sites. Anyways...put them all together. Throw some hot colors and a speckled midsole at them. And what do you get?

They are only samples at the moment.But they are pretty hot samples. They are part of Nike's hybrid strategy. Nike puts different parts of shoes together to create something new. Some are successful, others...hmmm not so much. This I would say is pretty damn good. Who knows if they will be made. But, if I was a betting man, I would say yes.

One last sneaker tidbit. After all of those lace changes of last week, I have just one this week.

I rocked these today and I was pretty happy. But sadly my killer outfit went to waste cause I was mostly a home-body today. Oh well. I'll be able wear the same thing again in a couple weeks!

And before I leave you for another week, some music.

A dope track from M.I.A. [source]

A slammin track with a nice electro "dooo-uuuu" by The Cool Kids. [source]

Hold Tight


Gretchen said...

too much shoe that air max trail 90, just too much going on...i would prefer the yellow laces over the red, you should've posted a pic of the whole ensemble. david would freak out about that truck, if you ever see a toy one like that.....BUY IT.

Anna said...

badass chrome truck!!!

Sumochewsgum said...

i love ur blog john! i miss japan n its a good reminder of all the weird things that go on. ps i put pic.s up n there's some of u