Monday, May 28

A Little Bit of Everything

I always love it when you can see rays of sunlight. It is like "seeing" the wind. We feel them all the time, but how often do we see them. It was a happy moment. Seeing this was happy too...but for very different reasons.

If we can ignore for a moment the offensiveness of the term, we can see how rightly named this car is. can you hate on a car that WAS popular in the 60's. It has no illusions that it is still popular now, no no, it's heyday is over. But it has good memories, and you can't take those away. Ok, ok, enough chit chat...let's see what the rest of this thing looks like.

If you don't think that is an adorable face, there is something broken in you. That is a car looking to be loved. Sorry to get carried away. I will put my emotions on hold for a sec, please notice that the Midget II offers seating for 1 and 1/2. So either you can take your kid with you...or half your wife.

And the fun doesn't stop there. Oh is actually a truck! You carry....ummm...a small TV? A bike...with the back tire hanging off the end? What else could you store there?

I guess you could tie a stool back there, so you can bring a friend. I condone this...I am just saying it's possible. I hope the smallness of this thing is coming through loud and clear. It be tiny y'all. The owner lives near me and I have seen him and his wife in this thing. Saying they looked squished is a large understatement. On the plus side, parking must be a breeze. For fun, let's look at a car on the other side of the spectrum.

Nothing like taking things to extremes. Why not spend a boat-load of money on a Bentley Arnage and then throw a couple more stacks at it to trick it out. Those 20-something inch wheels are probably worth more than the Midget II. Wait!!! You could fit ONE of them in the bed of the Midget! Now that is a proper use of that space! Speaking of good uses of space.

So, by now, most people have at least heard of Uniqlo: the retail giant that has some hipster cache. Since I came to Japan I have been purchasing their cheap and not un-stylish clothes. I stick to their t-shirts and shirts, not a huge fan of their pants or jeans. Well, they have decided their t-shirts needed more attention. Solution: open UT.

I went there on a Monday and I was able to grab this pic with no customers or staff messing up the consumer perfection. One of the best concepts ever: wall to wall white and t-shirts hanging displayed on a simple pole.

But this is where they take it to the next level; the t-shirts you buy are in plastic containers that are stored in coolers.

They have tons of corporate tie-ups and artist collaborations. This is were they flaunt their hipster rep. You really should check out their website or if you can, one of their shops. And by the way, the price can't be beat; ¥1500. ($12.50) There were a lot of t-shirts I liked, but nothing made me reach for my wallet. Partly because it is almost empty...and party cause I have been in a holding pattern as of late. I have been saving my pennies for these.

Damn...the Dutch know how to do it right. Would love to grab that bag as well...but chances are slim. The release date for Japan is not confirmed yet, but that there is a shoe that belongs in my closet. While I wait for these I have kept entertained by the all the music on the interweb. And over the last couple weeks the wide wide wide has been very good to me. I lost track of all the good mixes, videos, and individual songs I have enjoyed. It have been a musical bonanza! Here are just a few that I have come across.

Who wouldn't want to hear a Lupe track with a nice Thom sample. Also features Pharrel and Kanye. [source]

A ridiculous tranced out remix of the Wes Fif's crunk hit Haterz Everywhere by Sinden. I don't know how it works...but it oh mama does it ever! [source]

And here is a video, for those of you who are too lazy to click on links. Dizzee is doing his thing with his old hit I Luv U. Tell it just me, or does it look strange to see Dizze rocking his shit to a festival crowd? His stuff belongs in some dirty, grimey, basement; with sweaty walls and ceiling. A mean bouncer and a some anxiety about your car, will it be there when you get out of the club or not, also come to mind when I hear his music. Is it only me? Whatever the case...enjoy the clip.


While I was messing around looking for more Dizzee I came across this: a drum & bass remix of Sirens. I have no idea why this user posted it with a DangerDoom album cover, cause I doubt they made this. Strange. Ignore the incongruities and enjoy the Dizzee drums.

And lastly, just to mix things up just a bit, here is The Streets for you; a remix with some other people I haven't heard of. Not knowing who they are does not make me enjoy the track any less. I am usually not a fan of rappers as story tellers; "I walked to the store on a Friday afternoon, saw my friend...." (Yes, I talking to you LL.) But, somehow Mike makes it work. He has that ironic, but optimistic song down pat.


That is all. Later


Anonymous said...

The opening picture is GORGEOUS!! Where did you take it?

FABULOUS shoes...made in Amsterdam, or just associated with it? Anyway, I love them. Hope you meet with sucess on your quest!!

They actually store the t-shirts in running coolers at that store?? Or are they just made to look like coolers? So anyway, I had never heard of them...surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

The Midget is adorable. You should get one for M, it's just her size. She could carry her shopping finds in the back!!

Great post! Lisa

Anna said...

i have no time to click no any links or play any videos today but i will come back to it when i can. that midget is the cutest thing ever. also: agreed about dizzee playing to a festival crowd. and you make me remember how you always worried about your/my/dad's car when we were in the dirty basement clubs (jungle roots, never forget!)


JOhn said...


I took that photo from my apt. Living on the 11th floor has some advantages.

Those shoes are a collaboration b/w Patta (Amsterdam sneaker shop) & Asics.

They only look like coolers...they are not cooling anything.

Yes...the Midget is too cute!!

And I always will find something to worry about...while others are just having a blast!

I will never forget Jungle Roots. That was exactly what I was picturing!!

Keep the great comments coming. Thank you!!!

Sumochewsgum said...

hi john! my comment has nothing to do with shoes... or cars... but! hasn't Japan learnt anything from GLOBAL WARMING!!!! i can't believe they're putting t-shits in plastic thingies :o its horrrrible! as if they don't wrap enough things already! and those coolers better not be switched on!!!!!! u SO should NOT buy a t-shirt from there!

Anonymous said...

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