Wednesday, August 2


Post #0003

Belts are tricky things. If you've ever gone shopping specifically for a belt, you know of what I speak. Where does one look for a belt. There is no belt store, at least none that I know of. So, you go to your fav brand shop. Good luck! Each store maybe has 3, maybe 4 belts. Most likely you will just wander around, finding belts in the corners of shops, hiding behind other crap. wont like any of them. So, you either buy one that you don't love.....or just give up.

So, on Monday, I was out and about, and came across this Lacoste belt. I have no Lacoste shirts, but I do like them. I can just never justify spending so much YEN on one solid colored shirt. Anyways, I found this belt. I liked it a lot. So I bought it. In truth, I have no need for a new belt. BUT!!!! I might soon, and I just couldn't take that kind of chance. (4000 YEN)

I like my belt. I'm wearing it now.

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