Monday, October 30

Tidbits #5

It was a strange weekend for me: two big group events (and almost no shopping). I always dread going to these types of large group events...I just don’t know how to act at them. In a small group I do ok....but with a lot of people I can’t seem to find my footing. It is annoying. And because of this I hate going and avoid them whenever possible. When I do have to go to one....I am always filled with apprehension, but they are never as bad as I imagine they will be. Both events went smoothly and for the most part I enjoyed myself. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures. If any of my wonderful readers want to share their pics, please let me know.

Ok, now, on to the tidbits:

Tidbit #1 and 2

The other day I spotted this:

Now...I admit, from the front it doesn't look special at all. But....peep this:

It is a Avantime built by Renault. It was only sold in Europe and Japan in small numbers. It was never a very popular car and only built for two years. I think it is the second time I've ever seen one. I really like it. It is a family car with very interesting designs. I love the details of the rear lights. At one point Renault started using these design cues though out their entire range. Some of the vehicles were more successful than others. I stumbled across my new favorite when I was researching this post. Check this one...


That’s some serious back end!

Tidbit #3

I was lucky enough to run into this army of Metro workers. I always see them by themselves cleaning the subway platforms, steps, ect. It was very strange to see them all together. If I was anywhere but Japan...I would have thought they were up to no good, but this being Japan, I am sure they were doing some authorized group march.

Tidbit #4

Both times my brother has come to Japan he has accosted me for not owning a scooter. Japan must be one of the few places where scooters are actually cool. Of course there are tons of motorcycles as well, but I am sure I would kill myself within a month of buying one. So....scooters it is. While in Japan, I have seen a lot of good ones, but this is one of my favs.

[click here for more info]

I love the pure utilitarianism of it. It looks ready to go whenever you get your sorry act together. I like, I like.

Tidbit #5

Over the past month or so I have relaxed a lot in the sneaker department. I haven't been out buying sneakers in a while. But that doesn't mean I not looking at all the samples that are coming out soon. These caught my eye in a big way.


I love the textured leather and the bear on the back heel. Such nice blue and orange as well. I will be buying these when I have the chance.

ps. A last note to explain the lack of posts last week. I was a little sick almost the entire week. It was really annoying. I would much rather be really sick for a short time, than a little sick for a long time. It sucked. I stayed at home all day today in hopes of finally getting over this weak, but stubborn cold.

Wednesday, October 25

Outfit 06.10.25.

I had kinda forgotten about this sweatshirt in all that summer heat. All morning I had been planning to wear something else. And yet, I wasn't all that happy about my potential outfit...but I had kind of given up, or just settled. It wasn't until I went looking for my scarf, yes it was that chilly this morning, that I re-discovered this bad boy

As you may have seen in a previous post or two, I have a bit of a thing for Lego. Not an obsession per say...more like...ummm...a very strong inclination to buy Lego products every time I see them. (That's better, right?) I bought this sweatshirt in Kyoto about 6 years ago. The shop has long since closed, but I still remember exactly where it used to be. I love this sweatshirt. I live it in spite of the fact that it fits a bit strangely. I have never been able to figure out what exactly the problem is: too long in the torso, too loose at the bottom, too stiff material? Whatever. I think for the most part it looks dope on, regardless of my nit-picking.

I love the black knit lego brick on the lower sleeve. It is the small details that really do it for me. Today I decided to pair the sweatshirt with my red and blue New Balances. I was hoping the gray laces and the blue toebox would hold the ensemble together. I'm not sure it was 100% successful. See for yourself.

Post Script to the Weekend Wrap-up

After publishing my last post I got some questions and requests. I will try my best to satisfy those peolpe. First, I forgot to mention how much the Carrera GT was: $400,000 plus or minus the cost of a Honda. If your interested in picking up a used one, click here.

Secondly, here are some pics of my girl's order-made shoes.

The little character in the shoe and on the tag is a quail. The name of the company's name is Uzura, which means quail in Japanese. I like the classic elements of the shoes combined with the hand made details. Obviously they are a bit different than the shoes usually featured on here. But, a little variety never killed anyone. Except for someone with an unknown food allergy: in that case... variety could kill.

Speaking of my girl. It's her birthday today. Happy birthday!! She is a bit shy, so you might only see her feet for the time being. Irregardless, she is the best girl any guy could get. Hundred kisses!

Monday, October 23

Weekend Wrap-up

Saturday night:

Me and my girl went to do a little food shopping on Sat night. Obviously we are some party animals! Produce section represent! Bread aisle stand up! Whatever. While shopping I noticed they were selling my favorite milk. Don't get me wrong...the milk tastes just as good or bad as any other milk, but the packaging is where its at. Look for yourself:

I don’t think it is super-rare or especially new, but I still love it. Just stick a straw into it...and you are ready to enjoy. I love the fact there there are people in the world who can develop something this clever.

Sunday afternoon:

We went to go to Harajuku again this weekend. It's like 3 weekends in a row. That has to be a new record for me. The reason this time was that my girl was invited to a shoe gallery produced by Uzura. They are a friendly couple that produces handmade shoes. My girl had them do a pair for her and they turned out beautifully. We decided to check out their new designs. They were very nice...again. Check out their site. (Japanese only)

While on Omotesando, the Champs-Élysées of Tokyo if you will, I spotted this:

My eyes did not deceive me. It was a Porsche Carrera GT. First time I have seen one out in the wild. I saw one in at a car show....but that doesn’t really count. They made less than 1300, and half of those were sold in the US. Not surprisingly I crossed the street to capture more pics. Much to the chagrin of my girl. I couldn't help myself. Here are the results.

Sunday night:

After a nice day of shopping and walking around we came home to relax. While online I came across these. I had kind of forgotten about these badass kicks. I first came across them on a Japanese site, and they were not for sale. I really don't know all that much about them. They were released about a year ago, and from the research I did, they are now almost unattainable. Enjoy:

[pics source] [a bit more info]


I had a really chill day. I went out for a little bit in the early afternoon, even though it was raining. Stupid rain. Sad news for tomorrow: rain again. The weatherman was all laughing it up and said, "It's going to be raining so hard, you should bring an extra pair of socks." Thanks for the advice, jerk.

Keep your noses clean and your feet dry.

Saturday, October 21


Let's talk turkey, or rather...let’s talk taxis. If you think of NYC, you will instantly see the yellow cabs. Think of London and the black cabs spring to mind. Question: What comes to mind for Tokyo? Anybody out there get a clear image? Didn't think so. Here are just a couple color variations I saw in the 1 minute walk from my office to the subway.

I kinda like the different colors. There are many more. I didn’t see the yellow one with the red strip that I particularly like. What’s fun is when you hail a just never know what you will end up with. It’s like rolling the dice. But it doesn’t really matter because they all charge basically the same rate, of course all the drivers are polite old men. The interiors have never been short of spotless. Most have the plastic doily covers to protect their seats. They are a little pricey compared to some cities, but coming from NYC, they are comparable.

One tricky thing though, at least for first timers and those that have never read a guide book. The thing is that the driver controls the door. As a passenger you never need to touch the door. It is actually a bit disconcerting at first: try walking away from a cab without closing the door in your area to see how it would feel. On second thought, maybe don't try it, just imagine how it would feel. I don't want to start a trend that would land me on a taxi driver shit list.

By the way...Nike SB has a Taxi pack coming out soon. They will be releasing some dunks and matching t-shirts. They have NYC, London, and Tokyo versions. Of course the NYC and London colorways are not surprising in anyway. Guess which variation of taxi they chose to represent Tokyo.

Time’s up. The winner is...

[kicks source & source]

Not a bad looking shoe... although I have never been a huge fan of the dunks. Whatever, it is in interesting concept.

ps. Don't slam those doors!

Thursday, October 19

Tidbits #4

What's going on here?

While on a train platform in Takadanobaba (yes...that is a real place in Tokyo) and I came across this billboard. It certainly caught my eye. I am mostly graffiti illiterate, but I do usually notice it. I hope I can tell the good from the bad...but I think I am only kidding myself. Anyways, I debated for a couple seconds whether it was real graffiti or just marketing. Go back and look if you like. What do you guess? How about another pic:

If you, like I, picked marketing, you choose wisely. I saw the same sign again later in the day. Plus...Zurich is an insurance company. The text says something like,“What would you do if this happened to YOUR car?!?!” Well, I can’t argue with the that: People DO need insurance from hoodlums tagging up their econo-boxes! most cases, a little artwork would improve most of them.

As seen in Harajuku:

All right...all right! Damn. I won't ignore the sign, move the chain, and sit on your tiny POINTY ledge. Jeeze....

Topic change ahoy!!


I came across this striking version of Porsche's Cayman tweaked by Studio Torino. It looks just a mite better than the original. Beautiful, deep, original color, better looking wheels, and of course all the meaningful upgrades to back up those menacing looks.

Topic change...again:

I have to admit, I am a bit late to the podcast thing. But now that I am here....I’m starting to really get into it. The first one I got into is by Catchdubs. I bought one of his mixed cds a long time ago at Kim's in NYC. I liked his ideas about mixing. Always fresh and not gimmicky like a lot of the so called mash-ups out there. If you are into techy pop, mixes of big hits that are able to improve them, or just like smart music, I can easily recommend these podcasts. For track listing and more info...and the podcasts, click here.

And a tidbit post would not be complete without at least one shoe related item. Here it is:


These are the best New Balance I have seen in some time. Unbelievable colors. I want to buy...badly. But, I would have to buy all three, because....I really can't decided which colorway is best. They are from UNDFTD. Read here for the info.

ps. For anyone who cares. There is a new banner at the bottom of the page. Scroll down and view the new hotness!!

Monday, October 16

B-day weekend

So, another weekend is over. Nothing special really happend...even though it was my birthday. But, what can you do? I've come to the sad realization after 25 nobody gives a flying f*** about your b-day.

On Sunday I went with my girl to Toyocho, outside central Tokyo, to take care of some business. I had about 2 hours to kill while she busy inside. It was fun to walk around this area, an area that I usually just pass by on the train. Inside Tokyo proper, it is almost completely metropolitan and built up, but outside just a bit, you can see some of the more industrial areas. It is fun to see the unseen parts of something. You can always find some interesting things, things that you have never seen before. Case in point:

While walking around I came across this.....uhhh...thing. I love weird and obscure things like this. I mean, it must have a use right? But what is it? What was it? I challenge anyone to tell me it's original function:

Topic change ahead:

A friend asked me to do some research about a pair of his kicks.

I was up to the challenge. They are a pair of Air Zoom FC's in the Mexico colorway. Not a bad looking shoe. I agree with him that the large swoosh adds a little something special to the shoe. I was also able to find the same style in some other colorways I liked: Brazil and denim. Enjoy.

ps. Don’t get me wrong....I got some lovely b-day messages from my family and friends. I ain’t down on nobody. I think your birthday is what you make it...and I didn't do enough to make it special this year. Live and learn.

Saturday, October 14

Strega +

Vachss...what can I say about Vachss? He is my guilty pleasure. His books are always dark and interesting...but they always have the same tone: vengeful justice. This mono-tone is not a bad thing, it's just a fact. If you have never heard of him, I recommend looking him up. He is almost more interesting than any of his characters. I mean shit, homeboy wears an eye patch!

This book, Strega, features the regular cast of characters that are present in all the Burke novels. All the characters are very eccentric, and usually quite entertaining. After reading many of these books, they have become sort of distant family relatives. Plus, they are set in NYC for the most part, so I know where it's going down. In this story, very early in both the chronology of the Burke's story and the publishing history, we learn a lot of back story. A lot of this book has little or nothing to do with moving this particular story plot forward. Never-the-less it is a good mystery/suspense book. A bit of an abrupt ending, but far from disappointing.

If you like your characters dark and grimey (like your drum & bass), but ultimately honest and redeemable, I highly recommend any of Vachss' books. This book seems as good as any other to start with, maybe more so because of so much back story

ps. because of the wonderful dry cools weather i have been able to wear any shoe I desire. Today I went these:

Friday, October 13

As seen in Tokyo today...

I saw some killer whips in Tokyo today. It must be the cool Fall air that's bringing out all the hotness. I have the evidence. Warning: blurry pics ahead.

Exhibit 1.

I happened to look out my window and laid my eyes on this gem. It is the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. It is rare to see these front engined beauts. Even more so in dark blue...not the typical Ferrari fare: red, yellow, or black. Such a nice car for tooling around the city, without the fuss of some killer beast of an engine trying to tear your head off.

fyi. directly behind the Ferrari, but not featured in my award winning photography, was a Maserati Quattroporte. Also a rare car in its own right. But not quite as amazing as the Ferrari.

Exhibit 2.

I saw this monster as I stepped out of my building to head home tonight. I love this car. This particular Ferrari F430 Spider had some gimmicks I could do without...but even so...I wouldn't kick it out of my garage. Do you really need flashing blue LEDs on the front? Do you? Really? Decent wheel package though, but I have seen better. Sadly, the owner did nothing to counter the widely held belief that only pricks drive convertible Ferraris.

I also saw a correctly badged M5. It had some after market add-ons that skirted the edge of good taste...but stayed inbounds. No pic was gone too fast in a thunder of exhaust. Such a beautiful noise.

ps. I was able to rock my newest shoes today. Very happy. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday, October 12

Outfit 06.10.11.

Its that time again; outfit time. Nothing so exciting today....but a solid ensemble in my (unbiased) opinion. It did not come together exactly how I wanted, but I am basically happy. T-shirt first:

I took a different type of photos this time, just to mix things up. I’m not sure I like the photos all that much. But whatever the case...I DO like the t-shirt. It was M.I.A. for a long time, but now it is back. I bought it in NYC quite a while ago. It was in my top 5 for a long time, before it disappeared. I always loved the combo of arty/fairy unicorn and stars versus the manly charcoal and yellow. I think it is a nice match. It is also a 2K t-shirt, but I don't know the artist.

The shoes were my black and gray Air Max 90s. They went ok with the t-shirt, but I felt there must be some shoes out there that would compliment the shirt better, but those shoes are not in my closet. I hate it when that happens.


Now these would have done the business alright! These are the SIZE? Air Stabs. I did have the chance to buy them, but I passed them up. I regret it from time to time....but I really could have used them this morning. Oh well.

Tuesday, October 10

Weekend Travels

Out traveling to the outskirts of Kyoto again this past weekend (reason to be revealed at a later date...maybe.) Whatever the future may are some traveling tidbits.

The other day my friend was enjoy this CRUNKY candy bar. I had seen this snack in the Bite Sized version before and even eaten it before. I never really thought about it twice. But seeing this “Walking Bar”...I just pictured Lil Jon munching on this shit with his big ole' gold grill.

I really enjoy taking the Shinkansen. That’s the “bullet train” for all yall not down with lingo. One of the best things is to enjoy a nice bento (lunch box) and a beer while rocketing along at 300km. This particular bento was WAY too big and manly! As much as I could eat was tasty though.

Another fun thing to do is watch the fascinating scenery fly by. It is SO different than anything I have seen in the US. It is almost endlessly entertaining. BUT trying to capture any of with a picture....that is very difficult. It doesn't stop me from trying everytime. The one above is my best picture so far. That Japanese flag appeared out of nowhere....I think it is pretty nice. Here are some more of my attempts. Look closely, one of these includes Mt. Fuji....can you find it?

Warning!!! Topic change:

I choose my Air Stabs for the weekends adventures. I am still in love with these guys. I was taking a risk because it had been raining like crazy all week long. But I wanted to rock these pretty I did. And I was lucky and we got a beautiful rain-free weekend.

After I arrived at the destinationwe quickly started taking care of business. Sadly we hit a bit of a snag with the huge lines at the local shopping center. While killing time in line my girl discovered this cracked out toddler. All the other products had normal looking kids to advertise the products. But this one company decided that herion-chic would appeal to all those baby mamas out there. Way to go...I love innovative marketing!

Shout out!


Happy Birthday to JB: driver of a killer GTI, fixer of problems, and helper during matter the stripe or color. Take care yourself and your family.

ps. His car is exactly like this....minus the ABT parts.

Thursday, October 5

Outfit 06.10.05.

Again with the rain? Why, oh why? Why are you making me pull out my rain kicks way too often! Well loyal readers they are in all their glory.

I got these about two years ago in Tokyo. It was actually soon after I arrived here to live...rather than just visit. I came in early Spring, and very soon I was in the midst of my first ever rainy season. I quickly realized I need some rain shoes in a hurry. In addition to that, because of box and suitcase size issues, I was able to bring a few of my sneakers with me. I was itching to rectify that situation as quickly as possible. So on one weekend in May I had a mission to find some decent kicks that could survive in the rain.

After a whole lot of looking I settled on these Nike ACGs Escapes. It took a while to find a pair that met all my requirements: style, waterproof, price, etc. They have worked well over the years. They look a little worse for the wear...but what can you do. Today I paired them with a purple sweatshirt. Not the most exciting outfit...but was raining!!!

ps. As I was doing a little research for this post I came across these kicks. A really nice colorway of the same shoe. Way nicer than mine. You just can't win'em all.


Wednesday, October 4

Tidbits #03

For those who care: it was a very nice day today here in Tokyo. I'm loving these cool days. They just a put a big ol' smile on my face. And for those who know me...that is no small feat. Let's get to some tidbits:

tidbit 1.


On the Freshness site there is a short write up about the release of the One Time Pack. I hope this is the last time I mention it. I need to get a new bee in my bonnet....this one is getting all tired.

tidbit 2 & 3.


A bit late on these kicks....but better late than never. I came across these on the vintage kicks site a while ago. I had heard about them before, but this was the first time I got to see some clear pics of them.

Graf artist + nike ÷ 24 pairs worldwide = $9000

Speaking of shockingly over priced stuff. My sis in Boston came across these killer vests. She is at her Macbook drooling all over the keyboard! That ain't cool sis...control yourself!


Superfresh vests....really hot. Remixing old and new Nike clothing to make new shit. That's all good, and everything is great....till you get to register. Word on the street is that these bad boys will set you back about $2000. A tad on the heavy side if you ask me. [link to a short blurb about the creator Dr. Romanelli]

tidbit 4.

Lastly, the Paris Auto Show brought out all the automotive hotness. Love to see pics of all the new cars and the concepts. This VW has got to be top of the hill for me. It's sporty as hell, it's lime green, it's ridin' on killer dubs and's an IROC!


ps. More links have been added. Over the next weeks I will be adding more of the hot links. Keep your eyes open!