Tuesday, October 10

Weekend Travels

Out traveling to the outskirts of Kyoto again this past weekend (reason to be revealed at a later date...maybe.) Whatever the future may hold...here are some traveling tidbits.

The other day my friend was enjoy this CRUNKY candy bar. I had seen this snack in the Bite Sized version before and even eaten it before. I never really thought about it twice. But seeing this “Walking Bar”...I just pictured Lil Jon munching on this shit with his big ole' gold grill.

I really enjoy taking the Shinkansen. That’s the “bullet train” for all yall not down with lingo. One of the best things is to enjoy a nice bento (lunch box) and a beer while rocketing along at 300km. This particular bento was WAY too big and manly! As much as I could eat was tasty though.

Another fun thing to do is watch the fascinating scenery fly by. It is SO different than anything I have seen in the US. It is almost endlessly entertaining. BUT trying to capture any of with a picture....that is very difficult. It doesn't stop me from trying though...like everytime. The one above is my best picture so far. That Japanese flag appeared out of nowhere....I think it is pretty nice. Here are some more of my attempts. Look closely, one of these includes Mt. Fuji....can you find it?

Warning!!! Topic change:

I choose my Air Stabs for the weekends adventures. I am still in love with these guys. I was taking a risk because it had been raining like crazy all week long. But I wanted to rock these pretty badly...so I did. And I was lucky and we got a beautiful rain-free weekend.

After I arrived at the destinationwe quickly started taking care of business. Sadly we hit a bit of a snag with the huge lines at the local shopping center. While killing time in line my girl discovered this cracked out toddler. All the other products had normal looking kids to advertise the products. But this one company decided that herion-chic would appeal to all those baby mamas out there. Way to go...I love innovative marketing!

Shout out!


Happy Birthday to JB: driver of a killer GTI, fixer of problems, and helper during situation...no matter the stripe or color. Take care yourself and your family.

ps. His car is exactly like this....minus the ABT parts.


John said...

thanks for the props jdvs. my gti has a way to go before i get to abt status, but it's nice to at least be in the same ballpark. nicer still to be known for what i do and not what i own. nice words dude!

Lisa said...

JB: Not only nice words but very true and well deserved. Great job JDVS!!

Gretchen said...

get a room you two

JOhn said...

a lovin' never hurt nobody!