Thursday, October 5

Outfit 06.10.05.

Again with the rain? Why, oh why? Why are you making me pull out my rain kicks way too often! Well loyal readers they are in all their glory.

I got these about two years ago in Tokyo. It was actually soon after I arrived here to live...rather than just visit. I came in early Spring, and very soon I was in the midst of my first ever rainy season. I quickly realized I need some rain shoes in a hurry. In addition to that, because of box and suitcase size issues, I was able to bring a few of my sneakers with me. I was itching to rectify that situation as quickly as possible. So on one weekend in May I had a mission to find some decent kicks that could survive in the rain.

After a whole lot of looking I settled on these Nike ACGs Escapes. It took a while to find a pair that met all my requirements: style, waterproof, price, etc. They have worked well over the years. They look a little worse for the wear...but what can you do. Today I paired them with a purple sweatshirt. Not the most exciting outfit...but was raining!!!

ps. As I was doing a little research for this post I came across these kicks. A really nice colorway of the same shoe. Way nicer than mine. You just can't win'em all.



Jay Contonio said...

Hey Jon.

Noticed your affection towards Nikes. I myself have a few pair. I just got the Zoom Air Delta Force...I rock the Regimes, and these Mexican ones (I don't know the actual name) I wear a lot too.

I've been trying to keep them as clean as possible but rain yeah...I feel ya.

I live in Brooklyn now by the way.

JOhn said...

hey jay. sounds like you got a little collection of your own over there. shoot me some pics and i would be happy to do a little research about your mystery kicks.

hope you get all sunny days in brooklyn....till the winter comes at least!

hold tight