Wednesday, October 25

Outfit 06.10.25.

I had kinda forgotten about this sweatshirt in all that summer heat. All morning I had been planning to wear something else. And yet, I wasn't all that happy about my potential outfit...but I had kind of given up, or just settled. It wasn't until I went looking for my scarf, yes it was that chilly this morning, that I re-discovered this bad boy

As you may have seen in a previous post or two, I have a bit of a thing for Lego. Not an obsession per say...more like...ummm...a very strong inclination to buy Lego products every time I see them. (That's better, right?) I bought this sweatshirt in Kyoto about 6 years ago. The shop has long since closed, but I still remember exactly where it used to be. I love this sweatshirt. I live it in spite of the fact that it fits a bit strangely. I have never been able to figure out what exactly the problem is: too long in the torso, too loose at the bottom, too stiff material? Whatever. I think for the most part it looks dope on, regardless of my nit-picking.

I love the black knit lego brick on the lower sleeve. It is the small details that really do it for me. Today I decided to pair the sweatshirt with my red and blue New Balances. I was hoping the gray laces and the blue toebox would hold the ensemble together. I'm not sure it was 100% successful. See for yourself.

Post Script to the Weekend Wrap-up

After publishing my last post I got some questions and requests. I will try my best to satisfy those peolpe. First, I forgot to mention how much the Carrera GT was: $400,000 plus or minus the cost of a Honda. If your interested in picking up a used one, click here.

Secondly, here are some pics of my girl's order-made shoes.

The little character in the shoe and on the tag is a quail. The name of the company's name is Uzura, which means quail in Japanese. I like the classic elements of the shoes combined with the hand made details. Obviously they are a bit different than the shoes usually featured on here. But, a little variety never killed anyone. Except for someone with an unknown food allergy: in that case... variety could kill.

Speaking of my girl. It's her birthday today. Happy birthday!! She is a bit shy, so you might only see her feet for the time being. Irregardless, she is the best girl any guy could get. Hundred kisses!


Gretchen said...

Not that I don't appreciate the outfit or even enjoy your style...but is that what you went to work in? hmmmmm.

Sumochewsgum said...

John, this has nothing to do with ur blog but... U left SO quick. I got new eyelashes, I was really bored since ALL my students didn't come. I wanted to show u.