Friday, October 13

As seen in Tokyo today...

I saw some killer whips in Tokyo today. It must be the cool Fall air that's bringing out all the hotness. I have the evidence. Warning: blurry pics ahead.

Exhibit 1.

I happened to look out my window and laid my eyes on this gem. It is the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. It is rare to see these front engined beauts. Even more so in dark blue...not the typical Ferrari fare: red, yellow, or black. Such a nice car for tooling around the city, without the fuss of some killer beast of an engine trying to tear your head off.

fyi. directly behind the Ferrari, but not featured in my award winning photography, was a Maserati Quattroporte. Also a rare car in its own right. But not quite as amazing as the Ferrari.

Exhibit 2.

I saw this monster as I stepped out of my building to head home tonight. I love this car. This particular Ferrari F430 Spider had some gimmicks I could do without...but even so...I wouldn't kick it out of my garage. Do you really need flashing blue LEDs on the front? Do you? Really? Decent wheel package though, but I have seen better. Sadly, the owner did nothing to counter the widely held belief that only pricks drive convertible Ferraris.

I also saw a correctly badged M5. It had some after market add-ons that skirted the edge of good taste...but stayed inbounds. No pic was gone too fast in a thunder of exhaust. Such a beautiful noise.

ps. I was able to rock my newest shoes today. Very happy. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.


Jay Contonio said...

My boss has an M5...I rode in that thing to a show not long ago and it was amazing

JOhn said...

for a long time M5 was my dream car. I have since moved on...but still, truely an amazing machine.

Gretchen said...

jay contonio!!! holy crap!!!

JOhn said...

right!?! man, it is truely a (strange) small world.