Saturday, October 14

Strega +

Vachss...what can I say about Vachss? He is my guilty pleasure. His books are always dark and interesting...but they always have the same tone: vengeful justice. This mono-tone is not a bad thing, it's just a fact. If you have never heard of him, I recommend looking him up. He is almost more interesting than any of his characters. I mean shit, homeboy wears an eye patch!

This book, Strega, features the regular cast of characters that are present in all the Burke novels. All the characters are very eccentric, and usually quite entertaining. After reading many of these books, they have become sort of distant family relatives. Plus, they are set in NYC for the most part, so I know where it's going down. In this story, very early in both the chronology of the Burke's story and the publishing history, we learn a lot of back story. A lot of this book has little or nothing to do with moving this particular story plot forward. Never-the-less it is a good mystery/suspense book. A bit of an abrupt ending, but far from disappointing.

If you like your characters dark and grimey (like your drum & bass), but ultimately honest and redeemable, I highly recommend any of Vachss' books. This book seems as good as any other to start with, maybe more so because of so much back story

ps. because of the wonderful dry cools weather i have been able to wear any shoe I desire. Today I went these:


Anonymous said...

may ur shoe collection prosper this year and bring u all the happiness possible!

JOhn said...

arigato...i hope so too!