Monday, October 16

B-day weekend

So, another weekend is over. Nothing special really happend...even though it was my birthday. But, what can you do? I've come to the sad realization after 25 nobody gives a flying f*** about your b-day.

On Sunday I went with my girl to Toyocho, outside central Tokyo, to take care of some business. I had about 2 hours to kill while she busy inside. It was fun to walk around this area, an area that I usually just pass by on the train. Inside Tokyo proper, it is almost completely metropolitan and built up, but outside just a bit, you can see some of the more industrial areas. It is fun to see the unseen parts of something. You can always find some interesting things, things that you have never seen before. Case in point:

While walking around I came across this.....uhhh...thing. I love weird and obscure things like this. I mean, it must have a use right? But what is it? What was it? I challenge anyone to tell me it's original function:

Topic change ahead:

A friend asked me to do some research about a pair of his kicks.

I was up to the challenge. They are a pair of Air Zoom FC's in the Mexico colorway. Not a bad looking shoe. I agree with him that the large swoosh adds a little something special to the shoe. I was also able to find the same style in some other colorways I liked: Brazil and denim. Enjoy.

ps. Don’t get me wrong....I got some lovely b-day messages from my family and friends. I ain’t down on nobody. I think your birthday is what you make it...and I didn't do enough to make it special this year. Live and learn.


Gretchen said...

re the wierd and obscure thing...looks like a giant plug...just made me think "gigantic electricy volt" for some reason...good pics!
re your non-birthday, if it makes you feel any better, my 30th birthday sucked too...i'm looking forward to is all about the 5's now...noone gives a shit about 34 or 32...sorry to break the news bro.

nick said...

i think that thing is a filter, or a pump, maybe sewage.

JOhn said...

my money is on some kind of generator. obviously old, but something used in the production of power....lots of power.