Thursday, October 19

Tidbits #4

What's going on here?

While on a train platform in Takadanobaba (yes...that is a real place in Tokyo) and I came across this billboard. It certainly caught my eye. I am mostly graffiti illiterate, but I do usually notice it. I hope I can tell the good from the bad...but I think I am only kidding myself. Anyways, I debated for a couple seconds whether it was real graffiti or just marketing. Go back and look if you like. What do you guess? How about another pic:

If you, like I, picked marketing, you choose wisely. I saw the same sign again later in the day. Plus...Zurich is an insurance company. The text says something like,“What would you do if this happened to YOUR car?!?!” Well, I can’t argue with the that: People DO need insurance from hoodlums tagging up their econo-boxes! most cases, a little artwork would improve most of them.

As seen in Harajuku:

All right...all right! Damn. I won't ignore the sign, move the chain, and sit on your tiny POINTY ledge. Jeeze....

Topic change ahoy!!


I came across this striking version of Porsche's Cayman tweaked by Studio Torino. It looks just a mite better than the original. Beautiful, deep, original color, better looking wheels, and of course all the meaningful upgrades to back up those menacing looks.

Topic change...again:

I have to admit, I am a bit late to the podcast thing. But now that I am here....I’m starting to really get into it. The first one I got into is by Catchdubs. I bought one of his mixed cds a long time ago at Kim's in NYC. I liked his ideas about mixing. Always fresh and not gimmicky like a lot of the so called mash-ups out there. If you are into techy pop, mixes of big hits that are able to improve them, or just like smart music, I can easily recommend these podcasts. For track listing and more info...and the podcasts, click here.

And a tidbit post would not be complete without at least one shoe related item. Here it is:


These are the best New Balance I have seen in some time. Unbelievable colors. I want to buy...badly. But, I would have to buy all three, because....I really can't decided which colorway is best. They are from UNDFTD. Read here for the info.

ps. For anyone who cares. There is a new banner at the bottom of the page. Scroll down and view the new hotness!!


Lisa said...

Great pics today...made laugh right out loud here at 5:45 am!!

Classy banner too!

JOhn said...

you be careful. i dont want you to ruin your breakfast!