Saturday, October 21


Let's talk turkey, or rather...let’s talk taxis. If you think of NYC, you will instantly see the yellow cabs. Think of London and the black cabs spring to mind. Question: What comes to mind for Tokyo? Anybody out there get a clear image? Didn't think so. Here are just a couple color variations I saw in the 1 minute walk from my office to the subway.

I kinda like the different colors. There are many more. I didn’t see the yellow one with the red strip that I particularly like. What’s fun is when you hail a just never know what you will end up with. It’s like rolling the dice. But it doesn’t really matter because they all charge basically the same rate, of course all the drivers are polite old men. The interiors have never been short of spotless. Most have the plastic doily covers to protect their seats. They are a little pricey compared to some cities, but coming from NYC, they are comparable.

One tricky thing though, at least for first timers and those that have never read a guide book. The thing is that the driver controls the door. As a passenger you never need to touch the door. It is actually a bit disconcerting at first: try walking away from a cab without closing the door in your area to see how it would feel. On second thought, maybe don't try it, just imagine how it would feel. I don't want to start a trend that would land me on a taxi driver shit list.

By the way...Nike SB has a Taxi pack coming out soon. They will be releasing some dunks and matching t-shirts. They have NYC, London, and Tokyo versions. Of course the NYC and London colorways are not surprising in anyway. Guess which variation of taxi they chose to represent Tokyo.

Time’s up. The winner is...

[kicks source & source]

Not a bad looking shoe... although I have never been a huge fan of the dunks. Whatever, it is in interesting concept.

ps. Don't slam those doors!


Lisa said...

Segue from taxi to shoes: "Simply smashing"!!

Jay Contonio said...

Got those kicks in the mail today. Ordered 2 pair! Thanks for finding'em.

Gretchen said...

thus far my fav blog post from you ever...

JOhn said... all are lovin the taxis! thanks for the nice words. i hope i can keep it up!!