Sunday, March 4

Tidbits #06

Hey everybody. It seems like I'm posting once a week. If I had my would be more. But, that's life. Something I haven't posted about lately are my outfits. But don't worry...I'm still

That's the Beastie Boy's line...not Beatles (from No Sleep Till Brooklyn. Speaking of hip-hop. We all know of the various beefs between various rappers, past and present. Well, if you didn't know, producers thought it looked like fun...and they want to get in the game. I give you Timbaland vs. Scott Storch. Up first is Timbo's new song "Give It To Me" from his new album.

I really like the song. The video isn't much to look at...but it is way better than the train wreck coming up next. In Timbaland's verse in "Give It To Me" he calls out Scott Storch, aka "The Piano Man". Timbo says that he is the real producer, and Scott Storch is just a piano man. But first, truth be told: I'm a sucker for a Timbo beat. He has worked with tons a big artists...and the results speak for themselves. Anyways, for your viewing pleasure, Storch's response.

If you can stop laughing at the ridiculousness of that atrocious video...the song is terrible. Weak beat, silly insults, no-name artists: embarrassingly bad.

Gee...I wonder who will prevail in this ridiculous word/music battle.


Speaking of famous people (Timbaland...not Storch) I came across some interesting pics of Anthony Kedis.


And this one too...


Who knew Anthony had such good taste in sneakers? If you care, here are better pics of the shoes he was rockin'


These are Nike Air Ones in an interesting colorway. This colorway is is called "Un-Mita". The "Un" meaning that they are not the original ones, which can be found HERE. These are the other pair.


These are Adidas Metro Attitudes in the "All Odd" colorway. My City Sis was all about these shoes about a year ago. I liked them then and now, but not sure I could rock them. Some people can and other people can't. Oh and by the way, I will be seeing Mr. Kedis in person very soon. My girl and I are going to the Red Hot Chili Pepper concert in Tokyo Dome at the end of this month. Never been a huge RHCP fan, but I certainly like them and am excited to see them live.

Let's get to some sights around Tokyo...shall we? And as usual we can start with some automotive jewels. What's this?

One of my favorite supercars ever. One that never got the love or respect it deserved. I see them in Tokyo sometimes, but not as often as I would like.

It is a Honda (Acura) NSX. This was subtly tricked out with a new paint job, custom exhaust system, and badass black wheels. I have always had a soft spot for black wheels. Seeing them on this rare car was certainly a nice way to start the day. During the afternoon in Ginza I came across this peculiar guy.

It is a Citroën DS. I have seen maybe 2 or 3 before this one. But this one was in perfect shape, not a mark on it anywhere. It is such fascinating looking car. It is being parked in Hermès flagship store in Ginza. I was glad I caught it out in the open before it got hidden away again. Lucky me.

Speaking of peculiarities, living in Japan, I come across some interesting uses of English. I know there are entire websites devoted to these things, and I'm not all that into it. But this, discovered by my girl, made me laugh.

So on the first floor we can see a place with a red awning. It is a beef bowl take-out joint. What piqued my interest was the restaurant on the 2nd floor named "Wednesday". Why Wednesday??? Are they only open on that day? That is the owner's favorite day? Do they have awesome specials on Wednesday? It is killing me. I want to know. I will try to do some more investigation and get back to you.

That's all I guess. Congrats to my City Sis and Brother for picking up some new kix over the weekend. (Country's your turn next!) I know it must have been hard without me there to help. But you did well!!! [City Sis shoes & Brother's shoes]

Breaking News: Timbaland has a response to Scott's silly diss song. Click HERE to hear it.


Lisa said...

Loved the Citroen...amazing look!

What fun for you to go see the RHCP LIVE!!! (Did you know he was born & raised in good old CRC - GR of Dutch descent on his mother's side?!!!)

BTW: I want to wash Storch's mouth with soap!!!

JOhn said...

I agree with points 1 and 3! As for point 2, I did know he was born in GR. I just learned it recently though. I was pleased. The MIDWEST is so big in the game!!

Anna said...

i JUST finally watched the storch video, oh my god, it's SO funny to watch after "give it to me". hilarious. good work.

p.s. is mom saying that anthony kedis was raised in the CRC? wait. mom knows who anthony kedis is?

Anonymous said...
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