Monday, April 16

Fish Analysis

This is a recent conversation I had with my City Sis. It's such goodness, it needs its own post. More stuff will come later...but for now, enjoy the banter.

city sis: I'm sending you a photo that a co-worker came across yesterday as she was prepping for a talk
and looking for images of "analysis"
and we were working next to each other
at an ice cream shop, actually
after work
me: ok....quite the set up you got there.
city sis: and she was like, "oh, i found a good one."
and i looked
me: i can't wait to see this photo...with the longest intro ever!
city sis: OH MY GOD
she was like..."does this say analysis to you?"

me: no
except that he is really checking out that fish
that's where your analysis is
city sis: that picture is actually called "fish analysis"
me: nice
city sis: it's very funny , as far as today's concerns with taxonomy
me: am i stupid or not...
...cause, i cant understand the shirt
city sis: i want you to know about taxonomy
the SHIRT!!!
oh my god
it's for people who LOVE going TUBING
me: ahhhhhh!!!!!!
city sis: i know!!!
me: awesome!
city sis: he just assumes that people will know that
it is all SO specific
me: he totally does
city sis: it's TIME specific, because it is a reference to that "brain on drugs" commercial
me: and those moustaches are so NOT ironical, right?!
city sis: it's just so specific
i know!
and that guy is just really checking out his fish
me: and btw, who the fuck knows about tubing ???
he is focused on that fish alright
city sis: i just LOVE every single god damned thing about this photograph
including the bumper sticker on the boat...with the heart
me: he has totally forgotten about the cig in his mouth
city sis: i KNOW
me: now that is a nice bumbersticker!
city sis: they are just totally doing their thing
me: and whoever took this picture was like "man...that's a nice fish....let me just snap a pic. Mike will be so pleased later."
city sis: lol
me: and you just know...that the total for those sunglasses is under $11.99
city sis: for both!
for sure!
me: no doubt about it and their wind swept hair!
it's all shower and go
city sis: they are both just so blissfully unaware of things like...research projects, google, the future, research assistants, final cut pro, laptops, wikipedia, deadlines.
I just love them both so much
I just want to go there and be with them
me: for sure
to be honest, im having a hard time not looking at the pic
city sis: i KNOW
me: i don't want it to end
city sis: i KNOW
me: and since its a doesn't
city sis: i KNOW
me: it is satisfying and leaves you wanting more
city sis: i just want to go there john
can't i just go there?
me: no
city sis: i'll gut the fish
me: you can NOT go
city sis: i'll swab the decks
me: nope
you will never be there
city sis: DAMN
me: do you think they thought about what to wear in the morning?
city sis: NO they did NOT
you know what?
everything about it is so gorgeous
even his stomach
me: it is. it's ripe!
city sis: his tummy is round and plump with the pure satisfaction of life
me: and my man Phil is just so happy for Mike. Phil just wants to have himself a closer look at the beaut of a fish
city sis: i know
me: no jealousy
city sis: every moment is unfolding just as they pretty much expected it to
me: right. but...
city sis: can you IMAGINE
what they say???
their voices???
their colloquialism's???
me: don't you think there is just a hint of concern in mike examination of said fish
i can imagine what they would say....but i cant hear it
city sis: maybe it JUST occurred to him that he has not, as of yet, hugged his boat today?
me: lol
no no
that can't be it
city sis: lol
i have to fucking work
i'm sorry
me: i think Mike figured it was one type of fish, but....
city sis: this is way too much fun
me: turned out to be a different species
city sis: oh really?
i have to go look again

me: yeah..."this is not a blue trout.."
city sis: i think Phil is talking
me: "it might be i guess..ahhh, well it could be...uhhh.....a rainbow trout, no?
me: yeah...Phil is confirming Mike's suspicions.
city sis: TAKE A LOOK
me: yeah, you're right. Mike is mumbling because of the smoke.
city sis: i want this photograph blown up and turned into wallpaper for my den
yeah that's how he always talks
cuz he always has a smoke
me: and Phil is all...."you got that right mike....that is sure a rainbow trout"
city sis: oh my god
me: mike is always right
city sis: they know each other and the routines of their lives so well, they're practically telepathic
yeah yeah!
me: you can just tell
city sis: Mike always knows Phil is always just a step behind.
me: Mike's got the prettier wife....the bigger truck
city sis: LOL
oh my goodness
you are so right
he is also fucking Phil's daughter
me: WHAT?!?!
no he is NOT!
city sis: oh no
i feel terrible
me: this is no Jerry Springer show!!!
city sis: i disrespected the photo
i feel sick
me: just cause he is NOT fucking Phil's daughter, doesn't me is hasn't thought about it a hundred times
city sis: lol!
me: but...mike is to much of a man's man to disrespect Phil...even if Phil is a little dopey sometimes
don't feel bad sis, its ok
you were just taking a stab in the dark
city sis: are they brothers in law?
me: hmmm
now that's a good question
i don't think so
they met in high school
city sis: john his blue drawstring shorts are so beautiful they make me want to cry
me: they are amazing
in high school, Phil was always mike's wing man
city sis: yes
oh my goodness!!!
if my co-worker got this pic on flickr....
me: lol
city sis: brb!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: i don't know if i could handle more
city sis: she's not online. nothin' doin'.
i need to work anyway
me: to be honest, I'm scared to see what the third man looks like....
city sis: LOL
fine, we won't try to find more pics if you don't want to
me: i just know its Gary, the 3rd wheel
city sis: he's kind of skeevy
me: Phil wishes it could just be him and Mike on the boat
city sis: Gary is a little off
me: Gary always makes those jokes
city sis: i know
he makes everyone a little nervous
well, everyone but Mike
me: right city sis: everyone but Phil...
me: right
Mike thinks Gary is alright and so....Phil has to agree
city sis: Mike knows that Gary's father was a nutjob
me: lol, exactly!
Mike kinda feels sorry for the Gary. But Phil has no sympathy for the guy.
me: I'd bet he said it THAT DAY!!!!!
city sis: just FEELS right
oh that special, special day
me: on the day this picture was taken mike was complaining about the town mechanic, "that guy must a been some kinda nutjob putting that new alternator in that piece a shit Chevy!"
city sis: you're going to make me weep
me: "and the guy who runs the wrecker....he's no trophy winner either."
city sis: well, I MUST work. But remember...the very same sun shines over us.
me: that it does

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Gretchen said...

ohmigawd, i would give up a lot to be on that boat, I could totally play in that world...I could be Mike's gorgeous blonde...pleeeeeeease? oh, and a thought, what kind of dog do you think is on that boat with them?