Monday, April 30

Shopping, Sneakers & Donuts

I caught the Obey Giant vs WK Interact show last weekend. I would love to show you some pics from inside the gallery, but they had tons of signs up prohibiting cameras. Not that all the other people were obeying the rules...but I am not a boat rocker. So long story short, I got no pics.

It was a decent show. I have always been partial to WK Interact as compared to Sheppard Fairey. As much as I love me some Andre the Giant. I remember seeing both of their work all over NYC when I lived there. But it was WK Interact's work that drew my eye every time. Plus, I met the guy one time. He was trying to sell his t-shirts to the store I worked at. It was one of the few arguments I lost with the owner of the shop...and we didn't end up stocking his stuff. That must have been 7 years ago. It hasn't seemed to have hurt his career much. Found a great clip of his work he did for Nike a while ago. The music is pretty damn rollin too!

[stumbled across at slamXhype]

That same day in Shibuya I bumped into this guy rockin his shit so hard I thought he was gonna hurt somebody!

Loving his look. Respect! I try to rock my gear like that, but I'm not in his league at all. I can't quite pull off the tongue outside the jeans maneuver. I'll keep practicing and maybe someday! As they say, "Practice makes perfect!" Speaking of rocking gear...I often I talk about shopping and crap that I buy. (Actually I am about to again very soon.) But before we get into that...I just gotta show you this little pamphlet for a department store credit card I picked up today.

That's right. This confirms it. You ARE what you buy! And not in any ironic Barbara Kruger kinda way either. As soon as I read this I was sure I had seen one of her prints with that same text, but with a completely different message. But the closest I could find was this.


I guess my memory got mixed up...or my internet search skills are on the fritz again.

And that leads us nicely into my latest purchase! (Irony intended or not??? You decide.) As you remember the hint for my latest shoes was...

Sorry JB...your guess of underoos was a bit off the mark. "Hold Tight" is the call of pirate radio.

These shoes were designed by Ben Drury. They were part of "Air u Breathe" pack of last year.

Words from the designer himself:

Like most of my personal work, this design is inspired by the pirate radio scene in London. The shouts are instantly recognizable to the pirate aficionado. "Hold Tight!" barked out as if on a fairground ride, instruct and assure the silent listeners and live callers, who soak up London's unique listening experience. Calling out to all points, north, south, east, west, (my four favorite places) - the signal is strong, quality assurance filters through the airwaves, into the consciousness of the capital: Hold Tight - ON AIR.


Love the inspiration for these. I passed on them when they first dropped and I regretted it like crazy. Then I kept waiting for them to pop up again...hopefully with the price dropped. But no dice. After basically giving up...I was looking around Asbee in Shibuya of all places. (Like The Athlete's Foot in the US) And there they were, waiting for me!

After about a 10 seconds thinking about it...I tried them on and told the nervous sales lady to wrap them up for me. I was and am pleased. I love the details. The perforated leather and quality materials. The insoles with the antennas are fantastic as are the radio waves on the heel.

I am already debating about playing with the laces. I think I could go simple with a black or a dark grey. Or I could go big and throw some color in there. Any color would go with the slick colorways. And EVERYTHING matches reflective 3M!

With this purchase I have 2/3 of the pack. I will hopefully pick up the missing shoe in the next week or so. I was holding off...cause I would never be able to live with an uncomplete pack. But, now that I have the one that I thought was impossible to find, I can pick up the last one. Developing.

Here in Japan this week is Golden Week. If you are too lazy to click on the link...Golden Week is a string of 5 holidays within 7 days. It is like X-mas week in the US. A week off for almost everyone. And that means tons of people everywhere. But that is besides the point. What is important to me is that I have a 9 day break from work! Nice. Sadly 2 of those days will be taken up with a funeral. ( come cancer never takes a holiday?!?) But besides that, I will be maxin and relaxin with my girl.

And lastly before I go. I give you a glimpse into life in Tokyo.

Yes...that is a mad long, totally snakey line in front of Krispy Creme donuts. It opened about 2 months ago. It is the first in all of Japan. Everytime I walk past this place in Shinjuku it is the same. The photo above was taken on a Monday a few weeks ago. Monday is a day when most people should be at work...not waiting for donuts! On that day they had a sign out front stating the approximate wait time: 1 hour 30 mins. And just in case you don't believe me that it is always like this. This next photo was taken today.

I knew it was going to be bigger...cause it is Golden Week. But even I was surprised by the insanity. Here is the sign that posts the wait time.

That's right! 2 hours and 10 mins. That is a long ass time to be standing in the hot sun for fucking donuts. Even if they are good. Please, take a look at how long this line is.

It goes on across the entire bridge! And people kept joining it. "Hmmmm...should we go to a movie today...or stand in line for donuts???" Lines are nothing new for me, but this one is just ridiculous.

Spend your time wisely out there.

PS. Relating to a post a couple weeks back. Click HERE for a great article on fixed bikes from the NY Times.


Gretchen said...

don't get me wrong...i like the occasional donut, esp when pregnant for some reason, but these people are either really bored or have never tasted a donut in their life...they aren't THAT great, although, i don't think i've ever had a krispy kreme.

the nicest looking sneakers i think you have ever bought...i really like them, the heel suede? love the heel...also, quite artistic photo posed them well.

John said...

we gotta see a pic of your shoes lined up at home. that has got to take up some sick space in your place!

Anonymous said...

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