Monday, June 4

The Train Rolls On

Hello, hello, hello. It was a long ass week. I had a couple big things planned that just completely fell apart. But...such is life. To make myself happy I met some friends today for a therapy session.

Some ping pong therapy that is. I destroyed them. I can't boast about many things. This is sad but true. thing I do some mad ping pong skills. I tried to warn them, but they paid me no heed. Well, after many ass whippings, they know I ain't no joke on the table. Now that I know where this place is, I plan to go more regularly. Happy Happy!!

I started a project many weeks ago. It has finally come to fruition. Here it is:

To finish that reference I give you the Quad City DJ's in all their glory...circa 1995.

All of those pics I took on the train on the way to work. It was not so easy. I could only take the picture if the carriage was mostly empty, cause I don't need to be accused of taking pervert shots of girls. (A big problem in Japan) And wouldn't you know it...but the train was crowded more often than not. Unbelievable....I know!! Well, that project is done now, so I can just chill on the train. And to clear that terrible song out of your system. I give you my favorite The Avalanches track.

It is a fun video...nice to see all the different samples acted out. I had this cd at one point, but I have it no longer. This is a sad thing. I wish I still had it...I wonder where it went?

Last weekend I made it to one more sneaker consignment shop. La Avenue was much cleaner than the stores I went to the week before. I am not sure that is important...or even a good thing. It made me happy, but it doesn't mean the shoes are better. I found a couple winners, but nothing jaw dropping. I have been on a mission to find the Nike Air Zoom Spiridon's that I used to have...but I have not been able to track them down yet. Here is a pic to let you know what I am talking about.


I really miss these shoes. I have been keeping my eye out for them for a long time. I thought I got lucky on Sunday. I found these DS (dead stock: new/never worn) with the box and only ¥13,500. ($110)

BUT!!!!! They were one full size to small. I can stretch a half size up or down, but NO way can I do a full size. I was disappointed. But...I have not given up. I will find them someday! (Or I could always just order than here from Pick Your Shoes. But that would take some of the pleasure of the search out of it.)


Here is a super dope use of a good Daft Punk sample track by Kanye West. Grabbed from EVR Authentic Shit show. [via Discobelle]

Here is a crazy remix of the Boston song I Need Your Love by B.O.B. [via The Fader]

I feel like I have posted this M.I.A. track before...but I'm too lazy to make sure. Sorry. Here is her Boyz track.(again) [via Pinglewood]

You might have noticed there has been a slight increase of music links and clips on this site. It is not an accident. I spend a lot of time listening to good music. If there is something exceptional...I feel like I want to share it. I also posted my Top 5 Music links. If you like something you hear...go to those sites...they have way more.


A big happy birthday to my Country Sis!!! I miss you and I am already looking forward to seeing you and your fam in Nov. You are the best big sis a person could want. No one cannot stop the tank! Keep rolling over the tiny crap of life!!!

I post this pic...cause after looking through hundreds of your pics online....I couldn't find ONE that worked!!! Stop taking so many pics of your adorable kids, damn it!

Have a great week. I will have a big event Tuesday..and I will tell you all about it next week.


Ps. Which colorway of the Spiridon are people feeling. Right now...I would take either. But if I could find them both, what shall I do?? Aany thoughts out there?!?!


John said...

Nice ode to your big sistah...

Anonymous said...

Have to say that, if I MUST choose the blue color sneaker would be my pick!!


Gretchen said...

the tank had a really nice 35th birthday...happy you remembered to call too!!

come on ride that train song is on one of my work-out tracks--haven't been workng out too much of late, belly bump getting bigger.

i like the understated white/red colorway on the sneakers better than royal blue...

go ping pong champ...we'll be sure to have the table out for nov!

Anna said...

the train song is fun to play very loudly between interviewing people. i like to imagine the next person is waiting in the hallway, unsure what to do, and wondering why it sounds like such a party in here.

happy birthday to my SEEEESTER!!! i'm taking a train ride to the country to see her and i'm bringing her a present!!!

p.s. you have always been scary-good at ping pong. you are the kind of guy that makes ping pong no fun for the rest of us.