Sunday, June 17

Just a bit off...

This might be a strange post: not one shoe or car in sight. I am still waiting for those Patta Asics. And believe you me...all this waiting is killing me. They were released over in Amsterdam last week. Later this month they will be available in only 6 other stores worldwide. Luckily one of them is in Tokyo. Click HERE to check out Patta's blog...with lots of pics from the release.

Moving on.

So, after weeks and weeks of only shopping and eating, my girl and I decided to do something different. I found out about an exhibition that I really wanted to see. After doing the necessary research we went in search of the museum.

We did find it, and what a nice building it was. It is tucked away on a side street in a nice looking neighborhood. For a second we wondered if this was the right place. The sign partly hidden on a side wall put all worries to rest.

That's right, we traveled off the beaten path to get our culture on with some
Henry Darger
. I am not sure what my attraction to his work is. Just in case you don't know what his stuff looks is one example.

I would love to have taken lots of pictures of the well displayed work...but the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art was having none of it. Click HERE for a small taste of what his stuff looks like. I went to see his stuff when I was living in NYC years ago. I am not sure what my interest is. Maybe it is the pure, unquestionable authenticity of it? He didn't need to be validated or told he was great. He just did his stuff. Or maybe it is my respect for the intense focus it must have taken for him to produce such a vast amount of work? I am not sure. I can easily recommend seeing and reading about him to anyone. The story of the work matches the quality of art.

Here is a clip from a documentary about him and his work.

And HERE for the trailer that documentary.

That's all I got for you this week. Keep scrolling down for some (slightly dated) music links.


A good remix of a Ciara track that makes in much more listenable. driving beat with electro finishings. Fun, I could do without the breakdown...but it wraps up nicely. So, I guess it is needed. [via Dirty Down]

This next one goes out too all my peeps serving time. Specifically poor Paris. This is a fun blend of her terrible song with some Petey Pablo jam. Click HERE to hear how sometimes two wrongs do make a right in this case. [via The Hood Internet]

Here is the video for the M.I.A. song BOYZ that I posted 3 weeks ago. It is great in a 8-bit, bright color, fresh dance-move kinda way.

Can't wait for the album to drop. And lastly today, here is a that Dizzee Rascal song that I tried to share last month. The link was taken down before most people could enjoy it. HERE it is one more time. Enjoy!

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Lisa said...

Starting a new tradition with a cool artsy pic as the first entry every time?

What a great "find" Henry Darger is! I'm eager to learn more about him. Did the exhibition live up to your expectations?

Keep up the good work!!