Monday, March 17

Kinmokusai & Videos Galore

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These pretty flowers are right outside my apt building. Each spring they are some of the first to blossom. As you can see they are quite beautiful...what you might not know is that they smell very sweet. It is a pleasant to depart and arrive home in the aroma of early spring. Sadly, it also signals the start of my allergies. So....its not all rainbows and happy clouds over here. Speaking of bright colors, enjoy this assault on your eyes.

This is the Crookers remix of ADAM SKY&MARK STEWART hit of last year "We are all Prostitutes". The video looks likes like the song sounds; all random bleeps and weird sounds. The change-up at around 1:45-2:00 is particularly great. After kind of just cycles around and around. [via Discobelle] (WARNING: Slightly disturbing images of some oil like substance coming out of his mouth near the end.)

So I found this video on Discobelle the other day: Huoratron's track "$$ Troopers". And, not for nothing, it's one of the hardest banging beats I have heard in a long while. The breakdown around 1:15 is what dreams are made of. All sharp, fast, and damaging. As I listened all I could think about was the 8-bit, Atari style sounds. So I did a little research and I found out Huoratron makes his beats on two Gameboys.

"Huoratron's key instruments are two hand-held Nintendo Gameboy consoles. The consoles are modified so that they can create more distorted, rough sounds and heavy bass - not the usual feature of Nintendo Gameboys. Using these nearly obsolete pieces of 80's gaming technology, and turning them into full-fledged electronic music composing tools, is the main ingredient behind Huoratron's unique raw sound." [source]

Don't believe me? Check out this other video of him doing a live event.

He is a from Helsinki. This does not surprise me at all. I don't see someone from Vermont doing this stuff. No offence. Oh...and of course he is not only a music maker, he is also an artist. Of course he is. Why are you surprised?

Let's take a break from all this crazy, epileptic inducing nonsense. (WARNING: Simulated scenes of violence, fear, and bleeding. Simulated being the key word here!)

Now some people thought the video for Santogold's "L.E.S. Artistes" is disturbing. And I can't completely disagree, but at the same time, the artistic merit trumps the slight shocking nature of the video. Especially when you consider that they reveal all the tricks of shots. The paint balls, the watermelon, etc. And have I mentioned how ridiculously beautiful this song is. Her voice crackles and spikes it's way through to a powerful chorus. I can't wait till her album drops, I have not heard one bad song from her yet.

And lastly I bring this monster of a track.

Again this comes from the hard working people at Discobelle. This is Buraka Som Sistema's track entitled "Sound of Kuduro" If you didn't know, Kuduro is a style of dance/hip hop music from Angola. It is hardcore, if you ask me. This video features M.I.A. among other big names in the scene. More importantly it shows some of the craziest dancing you will ever see. And by the looks of things, people in Angola just dance their asses anytime there is a video cramera in the place. The little kids get in on the game too. Too good not to post.

Later y'all


Vanessa said...

i'm also patiently waiting for that Santogold record to come out. let me know if/when you hear of a release date. and good job on the more frequent blogging.

Anna said...

even though i was too busy at work, i watched the last video on this post, and it made me sooooo happy.