Sunday, October 19

Bless this...

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Went on a trip the other day to some small town called Nakayama in Chiba. It was only 40 minutes outside of Ueno, but it felt really far outside of Tokyo. We went to visit this small gallery – the Higashiyama Kaii Memorial Hall if you must know – but the temple on the walk from the train sation was almost as interesting.

temple (2)
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My girl and I weren't sure if this temple was famous, but it sure was nice. There were hardly any people which always makes us happy. On the temple grounds there were also a lot of cemeteries. Outside of one of them there was actually a salesman chatting up some older ladies about securing a plot. According to the sign, it was quite a deal, only about $20,000. I'm not sure if that is over- or under-priced to have your name carved on a a stone for eternity...but it sure did look beautiful though.
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As we were leaving, we heard some chanting and bell ringing coming from behind this large Buddha. Oh, just to set the scene, here is the enlightened one.
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So, we followed the chanting up and behind Buddha. And this is what we encountered. Can you figure out what's going on?

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This Burberry-pants-wearing lady and her husband were getting their (newish) BMW 5 series wagon blessed. Hence the opening of all the doors and such. I never considered the need to bless a car, but I guess its not any worse or better than praying before eating. And while applaud that they got their car washed prior to the blessing, I think not cleaning out the tennis gear in the back was in poor taste.

Just in case you were wondering what shoes I wore on such an (un)eventful you go:

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OK. As for music this week, I give you a 10 min clip from Starkey's 15 minute set on Mary Anne Hobb's big show from last month – Generation Bass. It was good, I mean as good as six 15-minute sets can be. But Starkey's was the most impressive in my mind. As you watch the clip, after the short interview, the drops at 5:55 and 7:45 get me moving the most.

If you want to hear the whole show, click HERE. It is 2 hours of mostly new dubstep. And its worth a listen, even if you only get into each set as it ends.

That's it for this one. Hope to be back posting again soon.


iriei said...

who knew the bodhidharma was hiding a BMW 5 series behind his back the whole time??? Well, since all is not and black does not exist without white, I guess its fair to say nothing cannot exist without something so bring on the hatchbacks... I cant believe after all this time has passed, we still have so much in common... your music choices are superb sir, but i must say, your sneaker "museum" is far superior to mine... a half eaten pair of brooks and a beat up pair of mizunos arent hard to beat though... they do match my multiple pairs of carharts and fruit of the looms hoodies quite nicely... till next time sir...

JOhn said... glad you like the music and i agree that it is strange we still groove to the same beat. although we didn't agree on everything. I remember just a bit too much of the cure in your library for my taste.
but you were young, im sure you have seen the error of your ways!

Anonymous said...
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