Thursday, August 3

Black Swan Green

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I like to read. One of the things I'd like to do on this blog is talk about books I've read, liked, hated, etc....

So, to start with "Black Swan Green" by David Mitchell. I warmed up to this book quite slowly. It was a bit more subtle and sophisticated than his other books. But after the 1st third I was hooked.

It was an honest, if slightly dreamy, story of a young British boy coming of age under the rule of Thatcher. Some of the cultural references did not register...but many did. It is always nice to run into something that meant a lot to you while reading.

Overall it was darker than I would have thought...but not without moments of hope and beauty to keep me reading. I trusted Mitchell not to completely tear my heart out...maybe only half way.

I recommend it to anyone who grew up without all the confidence in the world.

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