Thursday, August 3

Outfit: 06.08.03.

Today was just another regular hot summer day. I went with black shorts...that was easy. But when it came to the important things...I had a little trouble. I knew I wanted to wear my ZX 700s, they have not been getting much love lately...but what t-shirt?

I ended up wearing another band t-shirt. This time from a punk band I was friends with in NYC: Peelander-Z...they are amazing live! Plus, they make a nice t-shirt. The green picks up the 2 shades of green on the Adidas.

Back to the kicks. I bought them in November last year. The laces stole my heart...I mean, shit , I just HAD to buy them. Although they are a winter model, I think the bright colors work year round.

Side note: When my brother was on tour in Tokyo in February, we went halves on a pair for him (different colorways). I just love buying that kid shoes!

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