Thursday, August 17


Hello faithful readers. You may or may not have noticed a lull in posting last week. Some of you might have thought I'd already given up. Just one more example of my less than rock hard will power. Not so! (Not yet anyways....)

No, it was something else. It took me a while to figure it out. But I think I got it now.

See, I've been looking for a focus for this blog. I was hoping to kind of stumble upon one. Clearly, this has not come yet to pass. Rather the opposite has happened really: every person (all 5 of you) that has read my ramblings has liked something different. One of you thinks the Japan stuff is most interesting, one person thinks the music comments are the truest stuff, one person thinks the book reviews make me sound smart, and one person likes the outfits.

All very nice comments for sure. Thank you very much. is not getting me any closer to a focus.

When you read something you like...throw up a comment. I fixed it so that now anyone can comment.

Maybe we can find a focus together.

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