Monday, August 7

Gun, With Occasional Music

I wonder if I will ever review a book on here that I don’t like? If I don’t, I’m not sure if I should call these entries reviews: it would be more aptly titled “Book Recommendations” then wouldn’t it? Hmmmmm..... It seems a bit premature to start renaming things already. So, on with the show.

On of the best titles I ever come across is Gun, With Occasional Music. I believe it is the first book published by Jonathan Lethem. If you have read any of his more popular books, this is quite different. It is a nour-ish science fiction book. A dark look into the future filled with genetically modified animals and babies, a strict police state, wide spread government sanctioned drug use, and “karma point cards”. It is an interesting vision to say the least.

I have read it twice now. I really enjoyed it both times, maybe more the second go round if I had to chose. Lethem has a wonderful way with words. If I could write novels, I would aspire to his smooth effortless style.

I recommend this book to people who have read his other books and enjoyed them. For me, it feels like a 1940's detective novel set in the future. But in this book, finding out who did it is WAY less important than spending time in this world with this character.

Get out there and track it down.

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