Tuesday, August 8

Outfit: 06.08.08.

Today, we didn't have nice weather here in Tokyo: warm, very humid, and rainy. The weatherman says it's because Typhoon #7 is working its way up the island toward the city.

Side note: In Japan they give typhoons numbers instead of names. (Typhoons are the same as hurricanes except for the location: Pacific vs. Atlantic.) I think it is an interesting naming strategy ...but I prefer the US style better. Proper names give the storms a lot more personality. And as everybody knows, personality goes a long way!

On to the shirt. I got this one maybe 4 years ago in NYC. I bought it from the shop that I managed in the East Village. It was fun being able to influence what items we stocked and then to get a huge employee discount on the stuff I liked. It was the best of times...t-shirt wise.

I love the Spanish flavor of this t-shirt. I don't know if these are famous wrestlers or not...but the masks are flawless. And the lime green... marvelous! And the lawn equipment.... bizarre! Overall, this t-shirt is a winner. (All attempts at finding a witty wrestling pun failed. Maybe that's a good thing)

To the shoes we go. Again, I bought these a while ago. I want to say 6 or 7 years ago. It was during a serious New Balance phase. I was totally off Nike and Adidas. At the time they were both making crap kix and it was before they started releasing retro or exclusives. I was on the look out for interesting shoes and I was loving New Balance. I still do, but I am always going through my phases of hot or not.

I got these NB in Kyoto on a visit to Japan. They were really expensive...like ¥23,000. At the time I was off the bright color, I wanted just a hint of funk. The 3M reflective "N" and heel fit the bill perfectly. As you can see, they are not in wonderful condition. But considering the age and the amount of wears, I'd have to say they have held up well.

The black laces are relatively new. The change from (dirty) white laces to black has give them a new lease on life. I have fallen back in love with these bad boys after a significant time in the closet.

Advice: Look in the back of your closet, you may discover some forgotten gems!

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