Friday, August 11

Girl Hunters

Last night I met my friend for drinks after work. I arrived at the station at 9:30. He did not show up until about 25 minutes later, stupid work! I wasn't mad actually gave me a chance to study something that I've only seen in passing before.

At any station or crowded place in the city, you will see these guys standing around. They are always wearing bad suits and terrible haircuts. Their actions have always confused and intrigued me. They are sometimes in packs, but more often than not, there are 3-5 of them working independently...but of the same group. They scan the crowds looking for a specific target. Once they spot a candidate, they home in like nobody's business. Often they try to look as casual as possible, that it was only by chance they ended up right next to the target.

Now from what I can tell, their target is this: Any women between 20-30. She has to be alone. She should be kind of slutty looking...they never approach women in business suits. It is usually girls in short skirts, revealing tops, high heels, or any combination of these. might ask, "What do they say to the girls...what do they want?" Me too! Since my girl does NOT fall under their target criteria ...and none of my friends do either, no can tell me exactly what they say. BUT...from what I have gathered from various sources and asking around, the guys are trying to get the girls to come with them to their club. The clubs are called "kyabakura". (A bastardization of "cabaret bar.")

But, in Japan, these are commonly called host or hostess bars. These are the places where a guest pays for the company of the opposite sex. Tons of attention for the lonely person. Other people go in groups, or just to experience the luxurious atmosphere, to be treated like a prince or princess for one night. The only catch is that you, as the guest, pay for all the host's drinks plus a large service charge. The more drinks you order, the more attention you receive and the more hosts that talk to you. Doesn't sound bad, except when you realize just how much a typical guest ends up paying for 1 night of fun. Hundreds and hundreds. On TV they often show programs about the extreme examples of the people who go to the bars. THESE people spend thousands of dollars per visit. It's crazy!

Anyways, often these guys are relentless. They talk to the girl, hound the girl, until she basically runs away. They rarely take no for an answer. I have NEVER seen a girl say yes and go with one of these guys. The guy in the photos was the least aggressive I have ever seen. He must have been new. He will learn.

I will keep investigating to get more info.

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