Friday, August 4

Tales from the ipod 06.08.03.

I took a break from my ipod for about 3 months. Starting this week, I’m back on the horse. As I have been known to do, I put it on shuffle all. It is a interesting experience. I usually give up after a few days, or find something I REALLY need to listen to, and stop. But this time, I have been trying to see how long I can stick with it. My ultimate goal is to go thru it all, all 2341 songs.

Side note: All the music on my ipod has been obtained legally: either I have the cd or I have borrowed it from a friend or family member.

From time to time I might chronicle what I come across. I’ll be as honest as I can, even reporting the embarrassing tracks. This edition comes from my commute back home on 06.08.03

Tracks 263 - 270

#263: Muslimgauze (Paul Simon / Ladysmith / Miriam Makeba)
DJ Rupture
Gold Teeth Thief

Great track. This stuff came right before “mash-ups” exploded. It jumps off with the gospel singing of “Homeless” before continuing the ethnic flavor with a Brazilian(?) singer. The track is mellow and chill.

#264: The Whole World
Killer Mike Featuring Outkast
Big Boi & Dre Present

NIce Outkast track. Outkast can easily hit or miss with me....but this hits it. Killer Mike kills it with his verse.

#265: Dollar Man
E-Z Rollers
Moving Shadow 05.1

Ahhh....E-Z Rollers....maybe they can do no wrong. NIce rolling track with some nice horns for accent. When the bass drops for real....its the goodness! Plus the CD was cheap! (1000YEN) This track almost made me abandon my quest....but I persevered. But you know once this project is over, I’ll be back to that track!

#266: Proverb (Remix)
Nobukazu Takemura
Reich Remixed

As I was listening to this, before I check what was playing, I was assuming this was a Kid 606 track: all vocal + glitchy. But I was wrong. Its a remix of a Reich track. Really beautiful and a bit haunting. It has just enough glitchy, techy stuff to keep me happy, but not too much. Its a long track, but it kept me entertained.

#267: All For You
Namiae Amuro
Queen of Hip Pop

To be honest I skipped right thru this track. I got this album for one track I liked. This is not that track. This track supports the notion that 90% of J-pop sucks.

#268: Roses
The Love Below

Another decent Outkast track. I think this was super popular in the US, I kinda like it, but I aint lovin' it THAT much.

#269 : Buckle Up
Kid 606
Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You

Now we hit the 606, but before I checked, I thought it must be a ragga track my sister gave me. Oh no, it was all 606. But man does it rock! All rough and ready! The MC fighting his way thru the heavy beats. Best track of the commute home!!

#270: Al - Naafiysh (The Soul)
Fabric Live. 24: Diplo

This whole album is really good. This track being no different; straight up nice! All early techno/acid beats. It was a nice way to arrive at my apt.

Stay tuned......

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