Saturday, August 5

Outfit: 06.08.04.

Another blistering day today. Shorts and t-shirts were the order of the day.

Again, I decided which sneaks to wear first. My Nike 180s were calling to me. They are reissues sadly, not originals. But when I saw them on sale last spring...I snapped them up. Wicked shoes. Love the pink and royal blue.

T-shirt wise I had a bunch of options. I chose Andy Mueller’s "Foxy Says II". It was put out maybe 4 years ago thru his company The Quiet Life and Gingham. They had/have a good thing going: producing artists t-shirts at a fair price. The boutique I worked at in NYC carried their line. With the employee discount I bought A LOT of them.

Side note: Back in the day, 9th grade, I had the Charles Barkley 180s. I NEEDED them for JV basketball. My mom bought me those bad boys at Foot Locker after much pleading. Thanks mom.

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