Saturday, August 5

Outfit: 06.08.05.

Today was kind of a dud outfit-wise. There are several possible explanations for this fact: it's Saturday...the last day of my work week, or maybe because I decided what to wear last night...and then proceeded to change my mind in the morning, or maybe it is just too damn hot and my brain is toast. Who knows....anyways, I have to chronicle the good with the bad.

T-shirt first: I got it at Uniqlo about a year ago or so. I needed a gray shirt at the time...and with this I could rep a little love for Boston...and it was cheap. After the fact, the sentimental value of the shirt shot up when 1 of my sisters worked on a project at MIT. Big ups to her...and good luck winning the "lottery."

Now for the kix. Got them soon after I landed in the Land of the Rising Sun. I needed a summer shoe, and these fit the bill. Not super comfortable or wicked cool...but ugly by no means either. Irregardless!!!! They are cool kicks for those hot summer days.

You can't knock'em dead matter how hard you try.

Side note: When I was living in NYC I had two different apartments in Queens. Me and my girl bounced in and out of 4 different apts in 8 years. Anyways, we fell into the habit of segregating our clothes into 2 groups: one of these was for work, school, and going out in Manhattan, the other was for around our apt. We called the latter, “Queens-wear.”

My outfit today comes awfully close to falling into that category.

Next week is another chance to right all the wrongs and find the perfect ensemble.

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