Saturday, August 5

Tales from the ipod 06.08.05.

This selection comes from my commute to work on Saturday morning. I work a Tuesday - Saturday kind of job. Saturday morning is the toughest not only because its the last day of the week, but I also start 1 hour earlier. Balls. Plus, I went out for a drink with my friend Friday night. Great time as always, but it didn't make getting up an easier. On to the tunes....

No Surprises
OK Computer

Beautiful Radiohead track. Perfect morning track.(I had to skip thru 1 drum & bass track from last night to get to it. I love d&b, but it is no way to start a day.) Some old Radiohead songs hit the spot better than the more difficult (read: messy) new songs. But they always the chance to deliver an amazing song.

Silent Drive
Love is Worth It

This is the opening track from my brother's band, Silent Drive. I love it. Nice muted beginning before launching into an ass-kicking riff. Some syncopated goodness between the vocals and the rest of the band. The emotional content matches the aggressive nature of the song. Truly one of my favorite songs in the world.

Gotta Lotta Walls
Seven’s Travels

Some nice indie hip hop representing the Midwest. It doesn't get a lot of love on my ipod...but there are some decent beats. The lyrics are a little too introspective for my hip hop tastes. But, if they hit me at the right time, I'll nod my head head to it.

Different Strokes
State of Mind
Bad Company/Maldini & Vegas Presents: Bad Taste

One of those d&b tracks that just wants to rip your head off. Quick build up before dropping a thick meat loaf of a beat. After that the beat is constantly rising and falling like it can't sit still. Midway through it has the nerve to just mellow all the way out, only to come back to finish the job. Too bad they didn't change up the beat for the second go round. Maybe the best track of the commute.

Side note: Because that track came from a mixed cd, I could hear the next track being mixed in...and in this was truly a killer...but I stuck to my guns. I gotta be strong and keep this going. Don't stop me now!)

The Nurse Who Loved Me
Fantastic Planet

An indie rock whiney song. I think my brother gave me this cd for a couple of good tracks. This can’t be one of them. I think I gave it less than 15 seconds before skipping through it.

Track 15
Derek Marin
Get Your Boots on 2

This is a tech house mash-up track that was given to me by a dj friend in NYC. Again, it was before I even knew what a mash-up was. It’s well done with some David Bowie over some medium weight beats. Not a bad way to roll into work. “Put on your red shoes and dance the blues. Lets dance!”

Stay tuned...

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