Thursday, September 21

As seen in Tokyo today...

Ok. You go out and buy a $75,000 full sized luxury sedan, great. You even have the guts to choose the more challenging design of the BMW 7 series over the plain-jane old Merc S class, wonderful. But then you do this:

Why? Who is that M badge glued to your car trying to impress? The whole point of the M badge is that it is a subtle indication of the beast of an engine you have under the bonnet. But you must know that it is not the only indication of a true M car. And anyone who cares to notice such small details of car spotting will detect your fraud in a heartbeat. Notice the differences between these two cars. Notice any differnce beween the back ends of the right or left side car???

Or how about any differnces between the side views:


It is small, but on the left in both pairs you have a standard 5 series BMW, and on the right you have the Porsche spanking M5. They are tiny differences that only a car freak would notice. Bottom line: don't stick an aftermarket M badge on you car. The only people that might be impressed...are the exact same people that will know you are faking the funk!

Again...I ask why? This is all besides the larger point that BMW never even put out a M7!

People are stupid.

ps. I have been having this internal argument for many years. By chance, the fellas @ Jalopnik had the same argument in a recent podcast. Props to them for beating me to the punch! But rest assured I didn't just steal their idea.


nick said...

you are ridiculous. i would never notice that shit about that car.. i think its really funny.. i want you to know i am now reading your blog just about everyday when i get home from work.. now that i have the interwebulary.
the things that you know fascinate me.

JOhn said...

I can't believe everybody doesn't notice this crap! These are serious crimes against nature!! Oh well. Glad you are reading. Enjoy the wide wide wide and your new pad.