Saturday, September 23

Outfit 06.09.19. (late)

A bit slow off the blocks on this post. It is an outfit post from earlier this week. Usually I do those on the day I wear the outfit, but I was too busy with the books and the cars!! Oh well, better late than never. (I hope you will agree.)

This is an outfit that has been in my mind for a while. I am sure I have worn this particular ensemble before, but it must have been ages ago. Like 5 years ago or more the way I reckon it. Shirt first:

I bought this t-shirt on a trip to Japan many years before I moved here. I have always been into LEGO. I mean from way back in the day. I still have pics of some of my best creations. So when I started seeing LEGO clothing I about blew my stack! I was on a mission to get as much as I could. The best shop I ever found is the old Vacuum Records shop. (link to a review of the shop circa 2000) Anyways, they carried a fantastic collection of LEGO, Playmobil, Star Wars toys and clothing merchandise among other hot shit. I love this t-shirt.

Shoes: It was on my second trip to Japan in 1999 that I spotted these in a magazine. It then became the main objective of my trip to track these down. And, with some help, I was successful. I still dig these to death, with the solid red and blue suede, punched up to the next level with the 3M reflective "N" and heal. Expensive, but totally worth it.

These shoes have experienced a rebirth of sorts in the past month. It was a family wide effort; one sister to find them in the basement, another sister to box them up and airmail them to me. Props to the sisters! After a weekend of tender loving care; including cleaning, re-lacing, replacing the insoles, and bleaching the white midsoles...I have my shoes back. I’m quite pleased with the results. Although, I have been having a hard time lace-wise. I have tried two different shades of red and blue both, but I have yet to find a perfect match. Therefore, I went with the gray to accent the “N”. I think it is a real nice look.

Keep your kicks clean!

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