Monday, September 25

Tidbits #02

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I go shopping a lot. As much as the girl next door. It is too bad actually, I almost never go to galleries or zoos, or parks, or museums. Oh well. My weekends usually consist of eating, shopping, and relaxing.

Today's shopping adventure was a big one. I decided to go all out: to Aoyama, Harajuku, and Shibuya. Maybe these are comparable to Soho, LES, and the East Village in NYC respectively. If you travel to Tokyo and you want to go shopping, this is where every guide book will tell you to go; ground zero of the street fashion world.

For Bathing Ape fans this is the center of the universe. A funny thing about Bape fanatics. They end up looking kinda silly when they all get together in their top gear. Like uniforms:


Besides that I was also able to check in at a handful of other nice shops. I saw lots of hot kicks. Nothing that forced me to hand over my cash, but nice never-the-less. I also saw some nice outfits, but again, nothing super amazing.

My outfit did get a couple of looks, but maybe it was just cause it was so ugly. Who knows? My choices for today:

Lastly, I have a shout out of sorts. I was watching the movie Brick last night on DVD. (Thanks big sis!) Not a terrible movie. I enjoyed some of it, but overall it was trying too hard for me. But I would recommend it to noir fans or people who like high school movies. Whatever, on to my point.....I was watching it the second time with the director commentary on, and low and behold, I saw something I recognized:

My brother's band Silent Drive has 2 members that are also in the band Bane. Nice people. I can't be the first person to notice this. But it was surprising non-the-less. If I was the first to I get a prize or anything? I like prizes!

ps. Again, as the eagle-eyed readers might have noticed I am starting to put some links up on the left. I am putting up the cream of the crop so far as I have found. If you think you have a better one.....let me know!


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