Wednesday, September 27

Penguin 70 + a bit more...

I like short stories and I don't like them at all. I like them because they are so concise and usually give you a brief, but meaningful glimpse at a world. The best ones usually leave you with a nice punch at the end. I love that punch....I wait for it like a kid and his after dinner cookie. But I also kinda hate short stories because they make it look so damn easy. Twenty pages? I could write 20 pages. I could write that shit in a couple days. Ahhhh, but that is where I am wrong. They can write twenty great pages...I can write 20 crap pages. Damn you short story tease!!!

I have a tiny collection of these short story editions. They were released as a part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Penguin. You know, that was the logo on those classics you didn't read in high school and barely tried to read in college.

The four I have read so far have been sublime. Exactly what you want from a short story. If you can find these in your area....I would pick them up!!

ps. No outfit or nice sneaker pics today. It was raining like crazy all day. Stupid rain!

pss. In my trawling of the wide wide wide tonight I came across this fantastic overhaul.


No extra words needed. Via Jalopnik and Carscoop

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