Friday, September 29

Outfit 06.09.29.

Finally it stopped raining today. All that rain just made me tired. I'm not a farmer my man!! I don't need so much f-ing rain!!!! Even better, the temp started to lossen it's grip on the thermameter.To show my graditude for the positive change in the climate, I brought out some oldies, but goodies outfit-wise.

The t-shirt comes from a shopping excursion in Tokyo about 6 years ago. At the time I was looking at a lot of Japanese magazines. I kept seeing these simple, but boldly designed t-shirts by WWF. No...not the same organization that included Rowdy Rowdy Piper and Big John Studd. The one that tries to protect all those cute animals. It has held up well over the years...but it is getting visibly tired. It has become a second tier t-shirt sadly, but still too good for the old Queen's wear bin.

Shoes. Got these in Tokyo on a different trip. Maybe 5 years ago. I got them at Field in Shinjuku...the old location if it matters to anyone. I clearly remember that I was having a serious problem finding a pair of kix to get before returning to NYC. It was strange...that had not happened before...or since. But...when I did finally see these New Balance 577s, I was sure they had been waiting there just for me. The staff told me they were a Field Store exclusive. And I have yet to see them on any other knuckle head maybe its true.

I love the combo of navy and tan suede. I wore these into the ground. After some work a few weekends they look better than they have in years. They are not really flashy...but I think they are bringing it.

side note: There is a potential problem on the horizon. I am running out of kicks of my own to in the outfit showcases. Sadly, I can't buy every sneaker that I love to add to my roll ain't that deep. But saying that....there are plans for one big purchase in the very near future.

ps. Speaking of new things. If I can, I would love to get my hands on these....but I'm afraid it might be too big of a stretch! A brotha can dream....can't he!?!?

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