Monday, October 2

One Time Only

Today was a rainy day. I was caught out in the rain with the wrong outfit on and NO umbrella. I was none too pleased. Luckily, I ate enough delicious food to give the day a little balance. It was a pretty chill day, not at all like yesterday.


Yesterday was the release day for the One Time Only pack. It was a big deal. TONS of web hype. I totally got sucked into the hype. I was like a CIA agent compiling all the relevant info. This is some of the info I found out in preparation for the big day: they were only going to be sold at six stores in Japan, only 2 in Tokyo, and most likely all shops would be getting very little stock. I read on one site that some stores would be only getting one shoe per size per style. This was not good news for me. Sadly, I had to work that day and both shops in Tokyo opened at 11am, that being the same time I start working. So...I couldn't go buy them before work.

I was not happy about this at all because even though there were lots of styles in the pack, 12 to be exact, I had fallen in love with one (or two). The Original Air Max 90 (first love). But, over the last week or so, I had become very hot for the Clerks 90, (the temptress). All the others were fine, but not worth the price they would charge. [link to pics of all 12]

So, I made a plan to go to Field in Shinkjuku during my lunch break. I work in Ginza, so it is not that close at all. And this would be totally out of character, I very rarely leave work to do personal stuff. It's just too risky and makes me feel all edgy. My break was not until 4pm so I was quite nervous they would be sold out. To say I was nervous is actually a large understatement, I was sweating bullets. I could barely concentrate. And according to some pics I found on the ATMOS site much later, my fears were well founded.


So, I was ready to make a break for it at 4pm and just cross my fingers. But, the gods smiled on me and by a complete stroke of luck, I was able leave just before 3pm. I was very happy. I walked quickly to the train, I didn't run. More good luck; a train was arriving as I bounded down the stairs to the platform. After a 15 train ride to Shinjuku I booked it for the nearest exit, and again, thank the gods, it was the closest exit to the store.

As I walked into the shop I could see clearly that some of the styles were sold out already. But as I got closer I could see that both the Originals and the Clerks 90s were there. I just about tackled a shop clerk and asked for both shoes in my size. I still was undecided. After a short wait, he came back with one box. I knew the decision had already been made for me.

As you can see from my pics, it was my first love, the Originals. I bought them and raced back to work. There were no problems with the trains or at work. It was perfect. After I could think clearly again, I saw that they had given me a free gift. It is an orange furoshiki, a large piece of material, with a nice print of "One Time Only"on it. Overall, it went way too smoothly.

I am a happy man (in Tokyo)

ps. If I had any money left. I would be getting these Air Stabs from Mita Sneakers tomorrow. But I don't. So I can't.



Anna said...

congratulations johnnyD, i've been on the edge of my seat over here ever since they announced this pack. what a relief, for all of us. (still, i would have gone the brown route, but i could not convince you) LOVE FROM BOSTON SISTER!

JOhn said...

thanks, now we are both able to lean back and relax. btw....the browns looked good in real life, better than i would have thought. BUT, they could not top the og's! LOVE from Tokyo Brother!

Lisa said...

Johnny you had me on the edge of my RELEIVED that you were sucessful on all fronts. Congrats! MUCH LOVE from me out in the burbs!

JOhn said...

lisa!! i hope i didnt put you through too much stress....or ruin your breakfast. thanks for sending a nice comment. take care of yourself in the burbs. love from TOKYO!