Thursday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Turkey day again in the US. And once again I find myself far from home. Ahhh...such is life. To get in the Thanksgiving mood, I give you this....


It is Nike's Thanksgiving version of the Air Force 1 Mid. I think it's kind of strange to make a shoe to celebrate a holiday, but at the same time, it is quite clever. I kinda like the colorway, in spite of the fact it is for the holiday. I think they are a limited, so if you want a pair, act fast. How about one more pic that shows the hot orange laces?


So, what did I do in Japan to celebrate Turkey day you ask. Not a whole lot. By coincidence it is a national holiday in Japan today also. (A type of Labor Day....I think.) But the weather was crap, and I have been having a crap week so far, so me and my girl decided to kick it indoors. We watched some movies and relaxed. A nice day. And for Thanksgiving dinner....

Not exactly the most traditional dinner ever. But, what are you gonna do? It was tasty and I had some delicious Fanta grape to wash it all down. Let’s hope my family's big dinner turns out better than mine!

And just like back home, after Turkey day comes the shopping. Yippee!! I have to admit, I am off to an early start. Last Monday I scored some kicks.

It is only a teaser shot, cause I have yet to find the right outfit to rock these with. I really like the colors and the price was right. Sadly, the size was wrong, a half size too small. The good news is that I wore them for a while and I think they should work out just fine. I will give you all a nice shot of them very soon.

Continuing with the shopping theme....something on many people's list this season will be the PS3. If you get your hands on one, how about a matching pair of sneakers??


These are EXTREMELY limited...24 pairs worldwide. It makes the Sony PS3 look as common as a potato. They are another hybrid of the Air Max 360 and 90. For more info click HERE. A lovely shoe. A lovely shoe that I will never own. A lovely shoe that you will not own. A lovely shoe that no one you know will ever own. Oh well. Life goes on.

And last, but not least. A holiday gift idea for all my dog owning, gangsta rap loving peeps:


That's right, Snoop Dogg endorsed dog toys. Can you get anymore hardcore?? They are available for pre-order from Amazon now. For the whole collection click HERE. Make sure not to miss my personal favorite: the dog hoodie!


Enjoy your turkey and your family...and good luck shopping Friday.


Anna said...

instead of sitting around the fire, we all sat around the laptop and read your blog out loud...WE MISS OUR JOHN DAVID xoxoxoxo

Minori said...

The dog looks cute and stupid!!!