Thursday, November 16

Colors, colors everywhere...

Today was all about bright colors. I ran into this yellow hatted monster on my way to work. Apparently, it's that time of year trips! I love to see the large groups of innocent, well organized, and joyous kids. But...I hate, hate, hate to be stuck in the same train carriage as them. Luck was with me today. There must have been some stragglers in the group, because they chose to wait for the next train.

What do you think this billboard is advertising? Any guesses? How about a close up?

Getting clearer? A new dessert shop? A new candy? Last chance...

For all of those people out there that guessed a job placement agency ...well done! I've been seeing these everywhere for the last couple months. I was surprised to find out what they were advertising. Interesting concept...if a little on the immature side. According to the ad, each person has there own color. And this agency will find the right job for you. So...why not represent this with various colored pudding desserts? None to surprising for Japan I guess. But for me, using cartoon characters in serious adverts is still a bit bizarre.

On to the next one. Or as my man MC Guru says, “ your my ex girl, cause I’m onto the next girl.” Next we move onto some hot shoes I found. As you may have noticed I usually focus on Air Maxs and other fashion oriented shoes. But these technie running kicks caught my eye.


The same shoes come in these hot colorways as well. Although I like the still like the first ones better. The soles on these are real nice.


How about a little love for the ladies?


These are the Nike Zoom Moire+. The yellow, green, and pink colorways are from the Lance Armstrong 10//2 NYC Marathon pack. The little “+” sign means they can communicate with your ipod when you go running....if you choose to roll like that. Me...I would just rock them cause they look nice. I am pretty sure I will be picking up these at some point in the future. It is a touch too early seems like they are still finding their footing color-wise.

Last we come to my outfit. As I got dressed today I went with bright colors. It just felt like that kinda day....and boy was I right. Anyways, as I left my apt, I was wondering, is there a chance I'm matching TOO much? See for yourself.

Laces and t-shirt are the same color. The jacket and the shoes also share a color. I think it is ok....but just on the edge. Some people may think I crossed each his own. The t-shirt is from The Quiet Life again. Love the colors and the font. The jacket is from LL Bean...representing New England style! The more I look at the pics...the more I think I went too far. Oh well...what's done, is done.


Lisa said...

Can't agree with you, son! Not too far in my humble opinion, but rather...perfectly done!! Loved the shirt.

And those new shoes from Nike are totally cool!

Do ALL school groups wear yellow hats like that?

JOhn said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence! i agree about those shoes, i must get some. And yes, all kids have to wear those hats on school trips. there are a couple different colors, to show the difference between school groups. usually yellow, blue, red, or white. fun too see....for sure!