Monday, November 13

Numbers 1 - 4

Number 1

The greatest thing about people visiting you, besides seeing old friends of course, is having the perfect excuse to eat delicious food. Witness the goodness. First up, shabu shabu.

We met in Ginza for shabu shabu Sat night. It was damn tasty. The appetizers did their job of filling you up way before the main course arrives. When will I learn not to that. Food this good made it really hard. This place was all about the pig, each course had some kind of pork. And the main course was amazing thinly sliced pork. By the time we rolled out of there 3 hours was me who was the hog. (Puns like that are unavoidable...I saw it coming a mile away, but could do nothing to get out of the way.) Great food and great friends. To continue the happy times we all met again on Sunday for some lunch.

Number 2

A lunch of really tasty sushi. It hit the spot after such a huge dinner the night before. One regrettable part of the weekend was the service at both places. Being in Japan you become accustomed to super polite service. It is great. BUT....when you do encounter a bitchy waitress or is really quite shocking. In New York or Boston you are almost ensured crap service. Strange how you can become so used to things.

Whatever. It was really great to see Kit, Sis, and their Mom. So glad you made it the entire trip without any disasters!

Number 3

Whether you know it or not, this weekend marked the official release of the Playstation 3 in Japan. Not a huge deal for me, but still news worthy. I am a bit of a gamer, and will most likely buy a PS3 when all the hubbub dies down. This pic is from one of the main electronic stores in Japan. Click HERE for a eye opening first hand report of what it was like there. Not good at all. But, from what I read in other places on the wide wide wide, it was not as chaotic and badly organized everywhere in Japan. See this clip for evidence.

Granted this was hours before the maybe people were just saving their energy. But how ever messy it got in Japan, just think of what it would be like, or will be like, in the US. Not a pretty picture.

Lastly click HERE to find out where a lot of those first PS3 wound up. Besides those first stupid ones listed, many are being sold for 4 and 5 times the sales price. On the evening news in Japan, they are calling the resellers “brokers". I guess the black market is stronger than big business...again. For those of you in the US, click HERE if you want your overpriced Japanese PS3 now.

Number 4

That's no regular four, that's Audi RS4 to be more exact.

Came across this one in Ginza late Sat night. For a long time it was my dream car. Loved the station wagon looks and the Porsche beating engine. I wouldn't have bought it in yellow, kind of destroys the the undercover aspect of the car.


Gretchen said...

i wanted to dive into the picture of sushi...YUM. Also, i read all about the ps3 stuff...crazy business...and watched the video...with no audio of course--did i miss anything?

JOhn said...

no, you didnt miss anything. except for people talking/shouting in japanese. fix your computer silly!!!