Wednesday, November 8

As seen in Tokyo today...

As cool a brand image l-r-g has developed over the years, when you see a heavier fella wearing one of there logo covered's hard not to think lrg = large. For me it’s impossible NOT to make that connection. I mean all the letters are the right order no less!

I mean no disrespect to the guy, he had all the right labels going: Carhartt hat, Atmos bag, and brown Air Force Ones to pull the whole look together. He also had a nice lady friend to keep him company. He is probably a very nice I kinda feel bad for calling him out. Oh well. No harm, no foul.

I have a confession to make: I'm addicted. I can't stop taking pictures of taxis in Japan. Tonight as I left work I was confronted with a long line of taxis. Oh, happy day! I slowed down and grabbed two shots as I made my way to the subway entrance. I have been trying to catch one of them for a long time: the elusive yellow with an orange center stripe. It is my all time favorite.

The other one was a version I had never seen before. I don't hate it or anything...but it doesn't do much for me. I like it, but it’s no yellow with an orange stripe...if you know what I mean!

Finally...since I started this post by calling out my man in the l-r-g sweatshirt, I will continue in the same vein. I wanted to call out two celebrities that are making some cash out in Japan. I see their billboards and TV ads way to often to NOT call them out. Who is it you ask? I give you Cameron Diaz:

I think she looks great. The ads are really simple, mostly because they are trying to publicize Softbank as a cellphone company. In the past they were mostly a web service provider. Recently they are bought out Vodaphone in Japan and they have new ads to make sure people notice. If a print ad is not about a TV ad.

And the other celebrity is a bit more perplexing. Someone who usually stays out of the spotlight: Tommy Lee Jones. Looking old as hell, I might add.

The ads are for a canned coffee. Apparently, he is reprising his role from the movie Men In Black. Not quite sure what that has to do with coffee....but I guess that is not for me to say. How about a TV add?

I prefer Tommy's ad to Cameron's, it is much less annoying. How about you guys?

ps. If you follow the link to YouTube, there are many more ads from both of them.

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Anna said...

thank you for keeping us up to date on u.s. celebrities. that sounds sarcastic but i mean it. also, is that the same softbank that is linking up with rupert murdoch to launch myspace japan?