Monday, November 6

Dark and dirty

So we go again. It was a nice relaxing day here in Tokyo. It was supposed to rain, but it never materialized. I like it when that happens, it’s like I pulled a fast one or something? Let’s end this rambling and get to it...


In Las Vegas they just held SEMA, Specialty Equipment Market Association for those not in the know. This is the show were you can see all the aftermarket goodness and badness. (click HERE for more info) For the most part it all goes in one ear and out the other if you know what I mean. But I am excited about this car.


You can’t tell me that this is not Darth Vader personified. to be more specific. It's a concept car from Volkswagen. The R-GTI, for all those people who thought the regular GTI was too heavy and underpowered. Read about it HERE. It is not decided if they will release it or not, but as the link says, most of it is available for tuners to buy already. All it takes is a little DIY spirit and effort! (Or just some $$$ to have somebody build it for you.)

Sticking with dark theme...I give you these. Witness Nike taking polka-dots to the next level.


Who knew there was another level for polka-dots to go to? And of course this begs the question; if the dot is it still considered a dot? On the forums these have been dubbed “square-dots.” Whatever the name...they are nice. I love me some Air Max 90's and these have a strong chance of joining my (mini) collection. I love the "dots" and I’m digging the teal highlights. They look like they would be fun to wear.

And to tie in the dirty part of the title, I give you some YouTube. I am known to kill some time on there. I am also known to get down to some hip-hop. While I was bumming around on there yesterday I came across Chamillionaire's "Riding Dirty" video. I always kinda liked the spite of the fact that I haven’t been riding dirty for some time now. The video is nothing so amazing, but I like the beat and he’s got a nice smooth flow on this song. Plus, you can’t go wrong with bringing a little Krayzie Bone back around. For your viewing pleasure:

And I also came across something strange. Guess who is still alive and well....and apparently still doing what he does.......wait for it.......Weird Al. Here is his version, it’s called “White & Nerdy"...just in case you thought he wasn't.

Now, which do YOU think was better? Whatever your final answer....Weird Al is still bring his A game. Try this on for size: "My rims never spin, to the contrary, you will find they are quite stationary." How can you not respect the skills.

ps. Happy 50th post to me!


Jay Contonio said...

Those are awesome. I just picked up a pair of the white Air Zoom Abingtons this weekend. I'm at 6 pairs of Nike's. I've been looking for AM 90s online but they're so damn expensive.

Anna said...

i like the dark theme of this post, and by the way CONGRATULATIONS!!! fiddy posts, i can't believe it. i like to think of myself as the godmother of this blog, so i'm going to give myself a few props (just like maybe 2 or 3) for encouraging you to create it.

JOhn said...

hey jay.

did you get the Abingtons in the brown colorway or something else? keep looking for the will find a pair that are worth it to you.

anna, (godmother for real!)

thanks for the congrats and your help!