Friday, November 3

Return of the Taxis

Today was a holiday in Japan, Culture Day to be specific. I wanted to do something culturally relevant to honor the day. But then I realized all the museums and such would be crowded, and that sounded a less than fun. The best I could do was NOT to go shopping. Wait...hold the phone! I went to a library today. That's culturally fitting. Nice! Now I don’t feel so nonintellectual.

It was a perfect autumn day so we decided to go on a long walk. It was one of those days when you just feel happy to be alive. Never one to be satisfied with simple pleasures, I decided to make the walk a bit more interesting. I tried to capture photos of all the different taxis I could find. Everyone seemed to enjoy the last post about taxis so much, I thought I would do it up Hollywood style and make a sequel. Here are some more taxis for your viewing pleasure.

And just like last time, I will connect these taxis to shoes. I found some more pics of the complete Taxi Pack from NikeSB. There will also be some clothes tied into the pack, but I have not found any good pics yet. Here are all 4 of the shoes.

And how about a close-up?

[source via kix-files]

As you can see they have the New York and London sneakers that are closely related to the taxis of those cities. There is also the Tokyo version that was talked about in my first Taxi post. And finally there is the last shoe which doesn’t really seem to match. I have seen it called a Tokyo version as well, but I can’t seem to find the taxi that it's related to. Unless it is this one...

That seems to be a bit of a stretch color wise. Whatever the case...if I were to buy any of the shoes, it would still be the green and yellow Tokyo dunks.

Remember to be kind to your local taxi drivers!


Lisa said...

OK, two things.

NOT that it makes any difference to you...just as an FYI: My first choice would be the sunny yellow, but my second choice is the green ones you like.

I saw the rainbow painted on the side of one of the taxis and my question is: Does that have the same connotation in Japan as it does in the US?

JOhn said...

i love the yellow with stripes as well! as for rainbows in Japan...i think they carry the connotation of happiness in japan. but i don't think they are related to the gay community or anything like that. i hope thats what you were talking about.