Wednesday, November 1

Stay tuned for a message from kurl...

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. When I lived in the US I barely celebrated it after the age of 13. (Billy Idol...if you must know. With some killer eyeliner from my sisters.) Here in Japan, Halloween is slowly becoming a major holiday. I saw a lot of pumpkins spread through out the city. Not the same as the fever pitch that America can achieve. But, give it will be the same as the US before you can say “costume party” 10 times fast. I for one will not be wearing any costumes. Besides the pumpkin only concession to the holiday is this orange monster.


It would be a challenge for me to explain the current 911 line up offered by Porsche. According to their website, they now offer no less than 10 different versions....not including all the used cars floating around. It's a wonder anyone could leave the showroom with exactly what they wanted. (I kid, I kid...I'm sure there are many people who know exactly what they want. But even they must admit it is all getting very complicated.) Irregardless, I believe this is the top of the line, performance wise. And boy...does it look the business. How about some action shots?


Outifit time:

I think I threw together a nice little ensemble today. I purposely avoided orange. I went with purple. Add to that my Mr. Rogers inspired cardigan ...and I am off.

I like this t-shirt quite a bit. It’s by Unis. It was one of those small stores in NYC where all the t-shirts are like $75. But if you just wait till the end of the season, you can pick them up for half price. That’s exactly what I did with these one. I like the colors and the font. I paired it with my Air Stabs. (The colors got a bit washed out in this last matches, trust me.)

I was pretty happy with my non-Halloween outfit. I hope you enjoy the holiday as much or as little as you want!!


Anna said...

regarding your t-shirt: remember that book that we both read that was all bear VS tiger. NO! bear vs. shark! does this shirt reference that book?

Anonymous said...

kurl looks good

JOhn said...

i loved bear vs shark! but I don't think the t-shirt has anything to do with the book.


i think kurl looks great...even though SOME people don't like his name!