Monday, December 4

As seen in Tokyo this weekend...

Surprise, surprise...I went shopping again this weekend. It's about as surprising as finding the Pope in church. But, what can I is enjoyable. This week was a bit different because I was only planning to look around, but I ended up picking up some goodies.

I heard about G-Star a couple of years ago. I was never all that excited about them. Every once in a while I would see some piece from them that I liked in a magazine....but most of their stuff was overpriced and over-designed. BUT...when my girl got a invite to a “friends and family” sale, I wasn't about to piss all over it. We went over there on Sunday around noon and it was packed. It was like a mad house in there. I almost gave up before I started, but I thought I should at least take a look. As I fought through the crowds and looked at the unorganized racks....I realized a lot of the stuff would be nice if it didn't scream G-Star. Their logo was everywhere. I ended up carrying around a couple things and then finally chose 2.

Not super exciting, either of them. But I figure I need some pants besides jeans. I haven’t found a pair of cargo pants I like in a long time. These seem fine, so I will give them a whirl. They are a dark mix of khaki and olive. I hope they work out, either way, the price couldn’t be beat. Retail price = ¥16,000....Sale price = ¥3000! Nice.

And, another pink shirt won't kill me. It has some nice details, but doesn't get too carried away. Notice...

Again, the price was right. Retail price = ¥9000....Sale price = ¥2000

While we were out on Sunday, we discovered the shortest escalator ever.

What? Do we really need an escalator for 8 steps? Really!?! Well, to be honest, whether there is a need or not....yeah....we used the escalator rather than exert the energy for the steps. Lazy to the end. If you want to see this silly thing for yourself, go to Yoyogi Station.

As we got closer to home, we ran into some road construction next to the sidewalk. Any construction site in Japan needs about 10 guys to tell you where to walk, just in case you can’t see the 800 arrows, multiple signs, many lights, clearly defined walkways, etc. But my favorite by far is the mechanical man. Notice the details.

It looks like the Marlboro Man on a bad day. Strange. But you have got to love their effort to warn the innocent pedestrians. But....God forbid the construction occurs at night. You wouldn’t believe the amount of flashing lights. It's lit better than the best nightclub you’ve been to. Pics to follow some day.

I know some of you have been thinking, “Where are all the sneakers?” I know...right. Well, I found a pair when I checking out Atmos this weekend. I would love to get these for the nasty weather to come.


They are New Balance 710s. They are some relaxed hiking boots. Nice colors and not a bad price either. Click HERE for one other colorway. It is not bad, but I’m partial to the lime green and the 3M Scotchlite reflective “N”. As I look at the picture, I have to say they look better in person. Oh well...

And lastly a quick reminder to my sis in Boston: Get THESE already!!! While your at it, grab me THESE.


Lisa said...

The escalator is a hoot!!

And, do they use these mannequin traffic cops frequently...never heard of that before (of course I don't "get out much!").

Your color choice is the best, by far!!

JOhn said...

Thanks for your support of my color choice! About the mechanical, they are not all that common. You see real live old men much more often. Gotta keep those unemployment numbers low!!!