Friday, December 1

Not too busy to have some fun.

Being busy is not that fun. I don't like it. Work is busy because it's the end of the month. (Word to my mother.) I am also setting up a big project which is taking all free time away. More details later...

Let's see if I can put some interesting things together for all yall. Go-go-gadget-brain! Don't fail me now!

Look...a yellow cab in Tokyo!

Well, almost.

Although I‘ve been busy, I had a nice chat with one of my sister’s yesterday. She was stuck at the airport...but thanks to the technology gods...we were able to pass some of the time together online. One interesting part of the IM chat is worth sharing...I think. It started with an email she sent me with a link to this ad/solicitation. People on the site seem to like the ad a lot. We had a slightly different take on it.


It says "If you don’t help feed them, who will? Please call Concordia Children’s Services at (02) 713-3462."

SIS: check your email
ME: i AM!
SIS: well what the F**K is up with that ad????
SIS: interesting???
ME: a bit too on the nose if you ask me
its not a real picture sis
SIS: it's so AWFUL it doesn't even make me WANT to help the babies
ME: lol
SIS: it makes ME want to turn away in sheer disgust
ME: maybe not exactly the reaction they were going for
SIS: and NEVER think of dirty babies again EVER
ME: makes me want to draw a bath
ME: a big bath
SIS: "let's go with dirty babies, i think that will be really effective"
ME: yeah
SIS: it's SO gross!!! their legs are all twisted and scrawny
ME: i would like to have been there in that brainstorm session. while the designers were pitching it
SIS: that's what i'm SAYIN yo
ME: "this is what i see....
SIS: "what we're picturing is..."
ME: babies
SIS: "dirty, dirty babies
ME: the client is thinking, “i like babies...”
SIS: in the dirt
ME: ...every body likes babies."
SIS: sucking on a dirty pig
now people HATE babies
ME: "yes...we want dirty PIG babies
SIS: lol
"now how wet should the mud be?"
ME: a man made that add
SIS: are we talking swampy?
oh it HAD to be a man
ME: no, not too swampy, we dont want the babies to drowned
we want them to starve
SIS: right, maybe not so swampy.. right, right...
uh huh...
ME: not too much water
SIS: well we'll come back to your team next week with a drier mock-up
ME: lol
SIS: i think you're gonna LOVE what you see, ted
get those gin and tonics ready!
har har har
ME: and can we have all WHITE babies
that is what we want
SIS: yes could they please all be WHITE
i mean, you know...
ME: we really want to shock america
SIS: just so you can really see the dirt
ME: right
SIS: you really can't see ANYTHING on those black babies
ME: black is already so dirty
ME: i know....bob
SIS: riiiiight, riiiight
ME: this is a winner ted
SIS: i see where you're headed here
ME: slam dunk

Hope it was as fun to read as it was to write!

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Gretchen said...

oh my goodness...i'm laughing so hard! the picture was DISTURBING!!! but appreciated your point that it ISN"T A REAL PICTURE, i mean what is WRONG with even think of that and then DO it!!??