Tuesday, December 26

Man in Tokyo: in New Zealand part 2

Merry Christmas to all you people out there. It is strange to be so far away from the people I love during these holidays. But, such is life. I was invited to a Xmas dinner on Monday night, so all was not lost. The house was about 20 minutes outside the city, and the backyard was what I call jungle, and they call bush. See for yourself...

Lets move back in time. On Xmas Eve day I was taken to a nearby beach. It was very nice. I don't go to the beach often, and I almost never go off season. It was a nice day for it, but not nice enough to swim. We did some walking around and we even climbed a big rock. Some pics:

The view from a rest stop on the way there.

The Moari totem pole like thing in front of the building.

The view from the hill overlooking the beach. Notice the big rock formation...it will be important very soon.

It was a nice beach. It was not all that hot, but it is always nice to breath that fresh sea air. From what people tell me this beach is quite dangerous...a very strong riptide. So it is probably just as well we didn't try to go swimming. We did climb that huge rock though. He is a view from the beach.

It was kinda dangerous and difficult to get to the top. But once we got there the view was beautiful. To the left.

And to the right.

And last but not least, the hard working lifeguards.

After we made our way down gingerly, we headed to a nearby cafe for a big Xmas eve dinner.

So that was the wrap up of the Xmas holiday. Now let's move back to the city. I did some more looking around. The city is becoming a little less foreign the more time I spend here. But since I am still noticing all the little things I discovered this little gem.

It looks like your regular tag on the wall. But if you look closer at the red part you will find something a little special.

That's all for this one. I have lots more pictures to upload so I will keep trying to update. Hope you all had a nice Xmas! Peace.


Anonymous said...

I like the wooden figure looking at the beach.

Gretchen said...

merry christmas johnny d, hope nz is treating you well...thanks for the great pictures, your blog is so great, thanks!!

annapauline said...

i showed david the pictures and he said the wooden figure looked like it was at a museum, not a beach. i tend to agree with that kid most of the time.

the pictures are so beautiful!

p.s. gretchen WANTED to ask what sneakers you wore to climb the rock, but she was afraid you would think she was snotty.

Sumochewsgum said...

John I'm REALLY jealous. U have no idea how much I miss having a "backyard", having space! being able to go to the beach and look out and not see buildings everywhere! enjoy it!