Saturday, December 23

Man in Tokyo: in New Zealand

Ok, so yeah, I'm here safely in New Zealand. It was a busy week and I doubt it will get better soon. So lets go with some picture posts.

Nice entertainment system on the plane. I could choose the movie I wanted to watch out of about 20 movies. Nice clear screen as well. Not a horrible way to spend 10 hours. I was told that it was a direct flight to Auckland, and yet I found myself landing at Christchurch.

We had to wait about 45 minutes before getting back on the same plane to finish the "direct" flight to Auckland...strange. In that time, I was able to find the first of many different things. Can you spot it?

Nice looking vent.

Flight done, I tried to settle in. I was almost too busy to take pics, but I squeezed some in when I could. I quickly grabbed some shots of things I've never seen before. I like candy bars as much as the next guy, so I had to pick up this bad boy.

How about a groovy bottle of soda...

Ok, enough of the bad food. Let me try to give you an idea of the city. It is summer here. But, to be honest, it has rained on and off everyday since I have arrived. People tell me that it is normal. It is certainly better than too hot, or too cold. But kinda gloomy, don't you think?

That tower is the iconic symbol of the city it seems. It is useful when you are trying find your way around. As you might be able to tell, it is a hilly city. My short walk from my hotel to my office is up and down 3 times. Big hills!!! My legs are not that happy.

Some pics:

The cop cars here don't look all that manly, but I like the orange and blue. I have realized Auckland is a port city. Yesterday I finally had time to see the water. It reminded me of Boston a little, but much more European. They have small boats.

And big boats. Lots of big boats. Right there on the edge of the city.

They also have have industrial ships. I had never seen cars being off loaded before. It was kinda cool.

They also have a World Cup boat. IT was so big I couldn't get it all in the frame.

Of course, to go along with the boats, they have the port side pubs.

This pic was taken at around 7:30 at night. It doesn't get dark until 8:30 or 9pm. It is a bit difficult to get used to. While I was out, I did find my new favorite road sign.

I will leave it at that for now. Hopefully more to come later.

Merry X-mas!


Lisa said...

That road sign is FABULOUS!!! What is the "point" it is emphasing...or should I know. Is it just "STOP"??

Glad that "Man in Tokyo" was able to add at least one post from NZ. By the way, the pics were great!!! Hope you have time to send more!

annapauline said...

i know you don't have much time right now so i was VERY impressed to see so many pictures!! Take some more!!! We miss you!

JOhn said...

I think the sign means "caution", but I'm not sure. I hope I can keep posting pics!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas.
Nice pictures!

Sumochewsgum said...

merrry x-mas John! Hope santa is kind to u down in NZ.
ps. we were kidding about the kid! :)

jenny, kit's sis said...

John. Merry Christmas! Good luck with your certificate. BTW, cool blog. Love your sneakers!