Monday, February 5

The Callback + Making New Things

Some business to take care of before we get to the regular nonsense. It seems Blogger had some problems last week. It was my first time to have anything go remotely wrong on this blog. Kinda frustrating. I couldn't access the comments and you all couldn't leave comments. I think it has been fixed, if you still have trouble: (Tech talk coming...hit the deck!!!!) try clearing your cache and refreshing the page. That should do it.

When I lived in NYC I talked to my family in Boston a lot. And more often then not, about 2 minutes after saying "good-bye" I would remember something that I just HAD to tell them. This was named "The Callback" and would be almost expected by my family. Today I will be doing a "callback" on the post I made last week.

So there was one element of my shoes I failed to tell all you good people about. The name "Homegrown" has another connotation besides just the hip-hop scene in Holland. It has to do with the something that has made Amsterdam famous all over the world: marijuana. This is made abundantly clear with this cheeky commercial:

So yeah...there you go. And just maybe the leafy print on the shoe just might resemble you know what. Oh well....that is not why I got them. And does it seem strange to anyone else....that they made a TV ad for a shoe that is sold out everywhere? Whatever. I wore them today...and they made me happy. Although the creases in the midsole...after wearing them only 2 times made me less than happy. To say the least. I'll take pics of it another time if still bothers me as much as it does now. I can't take pics at the moment cause we are on time out right now....the shoes and I. One whole day together took a lot out of both of us.

Let's talk about food for a minute before we get back to the shoes. My girl and I had a pretty food-filled usual. It seems all we ever do is eat.'s all good. We both love food. So, this weekend we went to Shinjuku planning to go to one place for lunch, but it was closed for renovations. (Something that happened 3 times over the weekend!!!) Anyways, we ended up at a cafe. They had some tasty pasta. See for yourself:

It was the old stand-by carbonara for me and tomato with mozzarella for her.

Both were delicious. Those rather large servings of pasta plus a salad, dessert, and tea for about $12 US was perfect for lunch. We will have to go there again....we will add it to the rotation.

The other big food adventure for us was making Apple Crisp. Oh mama! It turned out so f-ing good. We had all these apples that were not so good, and I had the brainstorm to make it. Plus we were able to use my girl's Fire King pie dish for the first time. I hesitate to show pics of this online...y'all will be drooling all over your computers. But I can't resist.

That was just coming out of oven. (To be honest...we don't have an oven. We only have THE BEST MICROWAVE EVER!!!! The thing as more buttons and functions than the iMac I'm using to write this. But that is a story for another time. Back to the pie, that is not a pie.) Those dark patches are not burned parts...that is just the cinnamon-sugar doing it's thing. Take a closer look:

After letting it cool and taking pictures and scooping it out....we got to eat it.

A la mode bitch!!! How you like me now?!? Just guess who's dish is whose? And by the tastes better than it looks. We decided we should cook something new once a month. Watch out now!!! I be getting all domestic up in here!

Topic change ahead:

Speaking of making stuff. I have been spending a lot of time over on Nike iD. I have always toyed with the idea of making a shoe just for me...and so after messing around for a long time, I decided to get serious. My first serious effort was with a pair of 180's and took the LEGO logo as inspiration. What do you think?

Side view anyone?

And from the back.

I had wanted to write LEGO on the back, rather than having the Nike Air logo. But the site was not havin' it. Oh well. I'm not loving this one all that much anyways. It was just an experiment.

It is a shame the pics are not of the highest quality. But I couldn't find a better way to capture the image. This second effort is starting to grow on my. I think I like it. There was no clear inspiration for this pair of Air Max 1's, just some colors that I was feeling.

I'm like the combination of the neon yellow with all that black and just a hint of blue. And a mesh toebox is a must.

The silver was inspired by the Air Max 1's - "air u breathe". Although in that is 3M reflective goodness. These Air U Breathe shoes are really growing on me. I wish the price would drop already! Whatever...the reflective material is not provided on the Nike website. Oh well. (There is another way to do ID shoes and I'm working on it. More later.)
One more shot. This time I decided to not use there Nike Air logo.

I like the way that looks. Hmmm....looks like I will have to make some decisions soon.

Ok. That is all for this one. Enjoy your week. Stay tuned.

PS. My fav song on YouTube at the moment:

Lilly Allen - Alfie

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British people pour cream over the apple crumble. I think Haagen-Dazs ice cream for us...