Thursday, February 8

I'm all ears!!!

Hello, hello. Some may say I have spent way too much time focusing on sneakers as of late. I can't really argue with them. But it IS my blog, so I do as I like. But, I do like my readers so I will lay off the kix for a minute. Today is all about music.

Since I have come back from NZ, I have been music more than usual. To be honest, I have been all about podcast. Very, very happy about them. But they turn me on to good stuff, stuff I like so much...I just MUST own it. And I am so technology backwards I am still buying cd's. How utterly 1998 of me....I know. But what can I do? I like owning physical objects sometimes. Ok, here is one of my recent music purchases and what I think about it. Here we go! Oh, more thing. This is in no way cutting edge or the newest of the new. Being in Japan, I cannot live out in front of everyone else. (Like I imagine I used to do when living in NYC! Ha.) This is one of the things that is making my head nod these days.

So yeah...Spank Rock. Who knew I would be into Baltimore hip-hop? But I am. I am pretty into this whole album. It is backpack, indie hip-hop, but this time, they are here to party! I can imagine they are into the same music as I am. Maybe they don't love drum&bass, as much as I do, but they are into it a bit. And, maybe they like the same kind of beats in rap as I do? I say this because, their music just sounds so familiar. New, original, fun, and intelligent, but there is a certain constant flavour running through it that I just know I've heard before. I can only say that they must have heard a lot of the same music as me. Maybe....who knows. One thing is for sure, they have respect for Rick Rubin. Shit, they named a song after him. And anyone who knows me knows I love me some Rick. Him and his big ass beard.

The whole album has this raw feeling. It has the same feeling as mix tape: there is more concern for the party and atmosphere, rather than working for perfection. This song, "Rick Rubin", is an example of this rawness. It is easily one of my top picks from the album. My favorite track is "Touch me". But to be honest, there is no song I don't like on the album. And funnily enough, there is no song that isn't raunchy and riddled with words that would make my Mom blush. Tons of rhymes about sex too. For me, this not a negative, but for some people it might be.

Extra Links:

Click HERE for the video for "Bump". (NSFW)

Click HERE for the video "Baby Rat". (NSFW) It is pretty new, and the song is not on the album. A clever, yet bangin' tribute song to all the young ladies showing their areas getting out of cars as of late. You know, their areas "down there". Enjoy it, but don't say I didn't warn you that it is R-A-U-N-C-Y!

Click HERE for an interview with Spank Rock.

And the last thing I want to share about Spank Rock is that they seem to be pretty hot live. If they come to Tokyo, I will bust my ass to get there to see them. In all the YouTube videos, I think I found a gem. A concert in Brooklyn where they bring out none other than M.I.A. and the crowd shows their love. Neither the sound quality or the cinematography are award winning...but it is still the goodness.

And speaking of M.I.A., one of my favs ever. Here is a new song/video off her next album. It is crazy hot!

I'm lovin' it. I don't know how it can be all sparse but yet so solid and banging!! I can't wait to hear the whole album.

That is all for now. Soon...more music, more sneakers, more strange things in Tokyo, more more more!!!


Anna said...

oh no. i don't love the new m.i.a. what could that MEAN?!?!?! what does that MEAN about ME!?!?? i have always loved her. what is going on with me?

very disturbing.

JOhn said...

you are alright. you can still love her. relax. listening to it loud and multiple times might help...maybe not. fret not either way. all is still well in the world. take yourself out of CODE: ORANGE.