Sunday, June 15

I like RAP.

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This picture is cleverly entitled "Moon Over Shinjuku." I had been playing with the camera settings and I liked the results.

It has been a while again. But this time, I have a really good excuse. I finally found a new job. So after four years of doing the same thing, its off to greener pastures. (I mean, at least I HOPE they are greener!) But, during my job search and now as I am learning my new job duties, it might be a little thin up here.

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As I have said before, I am not a huge fan of Engrish/Japalish mistakes. Mostly because whenever I speak Japanese I murder the hell out of it. I see no need to throw stones from my glass atrium. But saying all that, I love this sign. Its just so great with the Chinese, Korean, and English all neatly written. Notice they got the "AN" correct, not the more common article "A", and more importantly, how is "an irrelevant person" defined exactly I wonder. "Do not enter" just seems a whole lot more accurate. Besides...with that huge lock on there...who could enter anyways!?!?

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So I have been shopping again. Any regular readers should recognize at least two out of the three names on that shoe box. Patta is the shoe store in Amsterdam I am always jocking. Alife is one of the originators and leaders in this streetwear scene. I don't always love there stuff, but at least they are well thought out. Rockwell is the clothing line by the artist Parra. Parra's stuff always has great color and a playful attitude.

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I had read about the shoes and seen pics online. I was pretty sure I wanted them. And there is a newish Alife shop in Tokyo, so I was pretty sure I could get them. Of course I was worried about a line, availability etc, but luckily the Saturday they were to be released was a holiday, so I had no work! From the pic above you can see what time I left my house.

store front
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This is what the store looked like just after 9:30 a.m. I was the only person there. I was surprised. Another surprise was waiting for me there. According to the web, Alife opens at 11 a.m. on Saturdays. Not true! They open at 12 p.m. can NOT trust everything you read on the wide wide wide. Needless to say, I had to wait longer in the rain, by my self, without a line. But since I had the time, I decided to walk around.

undefeated line
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This was the line out front of Undefeated.

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Here is the line for the re-opening of Milkfed.

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And here was the long line in front of Real Mad Hectic. How come I can't ever get a line?!?

store 2
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Well, the explanation was actually pretty simple. When I walked in the store at noon, the shoe I wanted to buy was no where to be found. That explained the lack of line and why the shop staff was confused why some joker was waiting out front. According to the web, the shoe was to be released to all Alife shops on the same date. But the shop staff said the shoe wouldn't turn up for another 2 weeks. (That damn internet lying again!) I was pissed, wet, embarrassed and irritated.

To make myself feel better I went and bought the Grand Theft Auto IV. Of course the shop only had the deluxe version so I ended up paying way more than I wanted to. But I got all this other crap too.

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I went to ALife again two weeks later, on the day after the release and got the shoes with no drama. I asked the guy if the shop had been busy the day of release. He answered "no, not really." All that worrying for nothing. The shoe is called "Rockwell x Alife x Patta 'RAP' Everybody Mid."

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The shoes are really nice, and quite different from the usual running shoes I get. But all the materials are very nice well made.

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There is a 3M reflective strip below the perforated leather. And I have always loved rip-stop nylon. It is such a good material for shoes; light, strong, and breathable.

soles and laces
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The soles are pretty amazing. I hope they don't get dirty quickly. Do you think they gave enough lace options?

And there you have it. My newest shoes. And I can't leave you without at least one music link. This video is pretty amazing. One of the more clever communication techniques I have come across. The song by David Byrne & Dizzee Rascal is not too shabby either. Enjoy "Toe Jam". It looks NSFW, but it totally is safe for work.



Jay said...

Congrats on the job!

I haven't stopped playing GTA since the day it was released. So much fun and I dig the storyline this time.

I picked up MGS4. Can't figure the damn thing out. Anyway, good to see you still posting. Nice shoes.

Vanessa said...

Greatest video!

Anna said...

they took the video down, so sad for me!....p.s. those are the kind of lines the boston kids want so badly.

Kyra said...

You write very well.