Monday, July 14

Pay attention people

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Some street art I ran across in Harajuku a while ago. Always nice to see a little creativity popping up in unexpected places. Always puts a smile on my face. In certain areas in Tokyo, graffiti everywhere. But one thing you very rarely see is graffiti on trains. One reason is that they if there ever is any...they hold the train in the station. See HERE for an example.

But the other day I found some etching on the windows of the Yamanote Line. It was the first I had ever seen.

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Not sure why "VEGAN" chose such a lame name...but I thank him for reminding me, if only for a moment, of all the time I spent on the trains of NYC. Those windows were often so scratched up you couldn't see the grime walls! For shame!

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I will use the pic above, possibly THE most boring picture ever posted online, serve as the intro for my latest pair of shoes. Those of you who have been paying attention will remember that I teased you with a receipt a short time ago. Well, here is what I bought.

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They are a pair of Visvim F.I.L. Jokhang's. Most of you are scratching your heads right about now. That's all right. It's not the most famous brand in the world. They have been on my radar for awhile, as a step away from sneakers, but staying within the streetwear spectrum. The company doesn't have a full on website. The designer, Hiroki Nakamura, is part of the Honeye collective and the site carrys news and some products.

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As you can see, the F.I.L. of Visism F.I.L. stands for Free International Laboratory. And if you think that sounds all fancy, wait till you here the name of the name of the Spring/Summer '08 catalog. "Dissertaion on the Future Relationship Between Materials and Technologies in Product Fundamentalism"

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So yeah, with a catalog title like that, you know them shits is gonna be pricey. And boy were they. But, I justified it as a grown-up shoe, not just another sneaker. And again, for those of you who are paying attention, just might be sensing a hint of a moccasin in the design. For the catalog: "The fusion of the 1/2 California construction used for running shoes and the self-customizing foot-wrap of the Native American moccasin crafting featureing our original engineering updates with custom outsole and midsole components." And that people is just the first paragraph describing the shoe.

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So basically these are handmade with the best materials by people who spend way to much time thinking about what makes the best shoe. Japan being Japan, of course the company has a cult following, and there stuff is hard to get. Visvim makes clothes and bags, like $200 button-down shirts and $700 backpacks. And me being me, I love it.

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So, I like them. They are amazingly comfortable and breathable in a way I didn't expect for a suede shoe. Of course all the people that see them don't like them much at all. So it goes. Feel free to tell me just how you feel about them, cause you know I wouldn't hold back.



This is L-VIS 1990's album preview. It's exactly how my girl reacts when she hers some of the dubstep I have been listening to lately, except for the dying part at the end of course. But maybe it would happen if I made her listen long enough.

This is N.E.R.D.'s track Spaz. It's the best song I have heard from them in a long time. "Everybody Nose" is alright, just gets annoying really quick. Maybe that's the point...who knows. (achoo, achoo)

Amazing stuff from Africa again with DJ Mujava Kwaitodance's number “Township Funk." Not new apparently, but still a banger, even if it does go on a little long.



BTrue said...

Wow to your sneaker review.
I like your ability to climb into almost 4 styles at once.
I like them for you. I don't think I could pull them off personally, but I don't think I could financially either! LOL

Loving the L-Vis Vid as well



Vanessa said...

the "vegan" tag and your comment on it made me laugh out loud at my desk at work. thanks for that!

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